More Help Needed for Fire Victims in Caid

Lady Cicilia Tironi reports that three SCA families have now lost their homes due to recent fires in the San Diego area of California. Lady Cicilia writes:

Greetings, In case you haven't heard, there are now three (3) SCA families out in Caid who have lost everything due to the fires out there. A week or so ago I put out a plea for donations so that I can purchase gift cards to send out to the families so that they can begin to re-build their lives. I only received two donations so far (thank you to those two!) and I have to say that disappoints me. These are our SCAdian cousins we're talking about and I know that, if the needs were reversed, they would be there to help us out. So, please, even if you can only give a couple of dollars please consider doing so because every little bit will help them. I truly feel for our cousins who have lost everything and I want to do anything I can to help them. Please join me in this effort and help our cousins get their lives back together so that they may eventually join us again in the Dream that they love so much. Thank you for your time and consideration. (Please remember that donations must be given from us as individuals, not as an SCA group.)

P.S. Please pass this on to other lists. Thank you.

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Lady Cicilia Tironi
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