Great Western War XII Announcement

Online pre-registration for Great Western War is now open, through August 31. Here is an update on GWW activities.

Pre-register and arrive a day early, all pre-registered guests can arrive on Tuesday the 6th at noon! Pre-reg will close on August 31st!

Land Allocation

We are having technical difficulties with the Land allocation system. As soon as these are resolved, we will open sign up for Camp Registration and land requests.

Land Allocation closes on the 13th of September. Land questions should be addressed to:


Updated merchant information is now online. See link below.

Arts and Sciences, and Artisans' Enclave

Oyez! Oyez! Looking for a Great Time at Great Western War XII? Then come and share your knowledge, artistry, and skills with the rest of the Knowne World by teaching a class at Great Western War XII! We are looking for teachers for all areas and would love to have you share your expertise. Please get your class submission in early! Consider teaching more than one session of your class, that way more students will have an opportunity to share your knowledge and enjoyment of your subject. Additionally, we would love to have some Service and Fighting classes to add to the mix, whether it be taught in A&S or out on the field, so if you have an idea don't hesitate to send it in. Don't let the committee in your head tell you "nobody would be interested in that." They are! In terms of classes, "if you build it, they will come..." Honest!

If you are interested in teaching, please fill out the Class Proposal Form. You can also download this as Microsoft Word or as PDF. Please note that the Deadline for Class Submissions is July 1, 2009. Please note we will be providing the opportunity for preregistration of classes via the GWW website.

ARTISANS' ENCLAVE is a new feature of GWW XII, in conjunction with Arts & Sciences, to provide a special place for crafts demonstrations, get hands-on experience, discuss techniques and solutions, and get inspired anew.

ARTISANS: The Enclave is looking for individual artisans as well as guilds interested in demonstrating and/or teaching. Absolute newcomers to the SCA are very welcome to share their craft and knowledge; "Artisans" need not be Laurels or even hold a rank. Artisans decide how long they wish to demo: For example, a weaving guild might demo for an entire day or even through the week while soap-makers might demo for two hours on only one day of the War.

Special Events

It's Not Just Your Sister's Handfasting!

We're looking for extraordinary Special Events to spice up this Great (Western) War! We're already plotting and planning events like salons, balls, the return of the Bounce Joust, a special drum circle and a Twilight Tourney! If you have a fiendishly fabulous, ridiculously romantic, absolutely anarchic, or even somewhat silly event that you would like to host, please contact us! We will do everything we can to get the word out and the parties on!

Other Activities

Information forthcoming soon for armoured combat, hound coursing, rapier combat, and volunteering.

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