[MER] Tourney of the Foxes

The Shire of Owl's Nest has issued a cartel claiming right to the river that flows through our lands and the warriors of Vulpine Reach and its allies have taken up the charge! Tournaments and competitions throughout the day will determine who claims the right to the waters of the northern river of Meridies.

Meridian Warriors, will you take up the call in support of the Foxes or the Owls? Be wary, the time for battle draws nigh!

Update: June 20, 2009
The marshals of Vulpine Reach have listened to the populace and made a significant change to the arrangement of our fighting field. For 2009, both tournament fields will be placed in a lightly-wooded clearing in the center of the site. Not only does this field get shade almost the entire day, but it is literally across the street from the bathhouse and many cabins! The open field will still be available for tactics drills and other large-scale activities following the main tourneys.

Because of this change, it is extremely important that gentles wishing to camp (as opposed to cabin) pre-register their attendance as soon as possible. Camping is available on a first-come, first-served basis and may be cut-off early due to space restrictions.

Preregister your attendance by August 21, 2009 for discounts!

Lord Tobias Morgan and Leopold der Wulf Wulf

Site Rules and Regulations
This site is discreetly dry. Absolutely *NO* original containers will be allowed on site. As a courtesy to others, there is no smoking in public traffic areas of the site (such as the feast hall, fighting field, and marketplace). Parking is limited to marked areas and parking lots only.