Pennsic University class list online

Baroness Aldermoureis Ventzke, Pennsic University Chancellor, has announced that the class lists for Pennsic XXXVIII are now available to view or download online.

Her Excellency writes:


As you now plan for the different activities that will fill your Pennsic, you will want to know what classes are scheduled. Thus, these classes are now available through the website. The class information is available as Adobe PDF, Excel XLS and RTF (Word) formats. The RTF format has known display issues caused by software interactions.

Find out what classes whet your appetite! There are no class signups other than First Aid/CPR. For classes with limited hands-on materials, the instructor may well go with a first come first served policy. You are welcome to sign in on these classes even if you do not participate in the hands-on portion. Instructors may impose fees for hands on materials to defray their costs. Handout fees cover instructor's costs for the handouts for those who take them.

Additional classes can be registered at this web site through June 30, 2009. Additions after this point should be done at Pennsic itself. This is not the final version so you may find changes between these documents between now and when you leave for Pennsic. Last minute changes will be listed in the Pennsic newspaper where possible. Many times, these changes are tied to changes in the instructor's availability rather than any reason on our end to make changes.

If you are interested in helping for A&S Point, sign up for a shift when you get to Pennsic. You can find out about what people do at A&S point as well as many other wonderful ways of contributing to Pennsic by checking out the Volunteer opportunity web page.

Have a great Pennsic!

Baroness Aldermoureis Ventzke
Pennsic University Chancellor