[WES] Eskalya Newcomers

It is my honor and privilege to announce the Eskalyan Newcomers event being held this June 27th at Ruth Arcand Park. There will be a prize tourney and group scenarios for the heavy fighters and a Baroness's Rapier Champion tourney for the more agile art of the rapier blade. (So bring a newcomer if you can find one!!!)

Site opens at 9:00am for setup and 10:00am for the public
Site closed at 7:00pm

Directions to site are as follows: 3900 Abbot Road, Anchorage
The site is located on Abbot Road roughly half way between Lake Otis and Elmore Road, on the south side of the street Site fee: $0.00 yep that's right no dollars the Barony of Eskalya beckons you to come have fun on their tab. (Donations are always welcome) Pot Luck lunch: bring that which you like and are willing to share

I you have any questions comments or concerns or you just really want to talk to me you may contact the autocrat at lostraven7@yahoo.com

Cyrus Aurelius
Seneschal of Eskalya
Autocrat of Newcomers