Vinland Viking Market

Experience life in an authentic Viking Village. Discover long-forgotten ways of life.

Watch & learn Viking Nale Binding, embroidery, dye processes, verticle loom & tablet weaving skills in action Shop for authentic viking jewellry, knitting, pottery. Play Viking games, hear ancient sagas & see magic! Get a Rune reading from the Village Seer. Witness Vikings prepare the village feast right befored your eyes on an open fire..What did they eat historically? Marvel at live Viking battles enacted by the Vinland Vikings as in 1000 AD - with two action-packed shows each day A weekend of fun for the whole family!

Advance Tickets $10.00 for Adults, $7.50 Seniors & Children (Under age of 2 are free). $15 at the door

Solstice Celebration & Viking Feast ~ Sat June 20th 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Your feast ticket includes the full Vinland Viking Experience including:
A genuine, 3-Course Viking Feast prepared by Viking historian Chef, Kay Tracy
Special Live Viking music by Dave Rankine & Dulcimerhead
Special Live performance by Belarusian Viking Dance troupe
Summer Solstice Celebration finale!

Advance Tickets $100 per person before June 15th (persons over age of 19 only)

Meral's Organic Farm, Shafley Rd. (Sideroad 42) Wainfleet, Niagara, ON Up the road midway from the corner at Highway 3 (Forks Rd)