2000 year anniversary of Battle of Teutoburg Forest to be celebrated

Tourists in western Germany who have an interest in history may want to seek out the site of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, or Varusschlacht, as it is called in German, a 1st century epic fight between an alliance of Germanic tribes and Roman legions. The site is located near Osnabrueck.

In honor of the 2000th anniversary of the battle, the site's museum is sponsoring a number of programs including a four week excavation camp for young adults and the September arrival of "a 15-metre-long reconstruction of a Roman battleship on the nearby Mittelland Canal."

Slight correction

9 AD would not be the 9th Century. It would be the 1st Century. Which is why this is the 2000th anniversary, and not the 1100th.


Correction noted, with our thanks.