Come visit the "SCA Godmother" on Facebook

A web page on Facebook now offers SCA folk help and advice, under the name "SCA Godmother".

The site's creator describes the site:

Could you use an SCA Fairy Godmother? Look me up on Facebook under SCA Godmother. Help can be found here for free. Tell me what you want and if I can’t help you, there are many other wise people on my Facebook page who can help provide answers.

It is my desire to help those in the SCA who have unfulfilled wishes and to make magic moments happen whenever possible. It is my goal to put back some of the sparkle and magic fairy dust that has faded over the years. I will attempt to grant wishes and make the magic happen in the SCA that makes it such a grand place to be.

I hope to make wishes come true. Listen to your heart's desire, tell me what you want, and I can help by sharing several lifetimes of SCA wisdom. I have designed this forum to help put some of the sparkle back into the jaded faces I see, and to help those new to the SCA understand some of the ins and outs of this life choice they have made. So ask questions, make wishes, and send me email at

I hope to bring love, laughter, sage advice, silliness, and will do everything in my considerable power to make your SCA dreams come true. Come play with us!

Your SCA Fairy Godmother

Thanks to Kottr for providing the URL.