Weavolution web site goes live

Weavolution, a social networking site for people interested in various weaving crafts, is now online for beta test after months of work by site designers.

The site was originally announced back in September 2008 and went live for public use on June 8. According to the "about" page, the site is a social networking venue for many areas of weaving interest:

From hobby to production, from peg to dobby, Weavolution provides a place for weavers to meet, discuss and participate in moderated user groups and forums.

Members may post photographs and descriptions of their projects, looms, yarns, books, and accessories to share with others and solicit feedback from other members.

But you don’t have to be a member or even a weaver to explore the site and learn about weaving free of charge. Weavolution aims to become an inclusive, global community that encourages weavers by enabling them to discover and follow trends in weaving; find local, national and international resources; and find businesses catering to their needs.