Letter to Editor Urges Presumption of Innocence

Morning Call: An SCA member, in a letter to the editor, urges local citizens to keep an open mind about criminal accusations against the former East Kingdom Dean of Pages. "One of the most important assumptions in our democracy is that an accused person is presumed innocent until proved guilty," writes Deborah Davis, a member of the SCA who lives in Allentown, Pennsylvania (USA).

The editorial, in its entirety, is linked from the headline above.

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Too many complexities

There are too many complexities for this one to be decided on by what's in a couple of newspaper articles. (The tactics and methods used to interview the children may be faulty or leading. Did the police rush to judgement? Is there any evidence in other fields of involvement that this chap is a pedo?)

Before we all drag out the duct tape, javelins, hand axes, and torches; I do recall a nursery school where NO evidence of abuse was EVER found and all of the people involved were eventually released from prison with an apology. But no paper ever printed that part.

There was this dinky little town in Massachusetts (Just beyond the end of our period wasn't it?), I think it was called Salem. Didn't that one involve children too? Maybe we need to just wait and see what actually happens and get all the facts and then let a local jury decide up from down here. (hey, newspapers are always accurate and are always fair, right?)

We can give our prayers and thoughts to everyone involved. In the meantime, maybe someone could find out if this paper has an email address and we could all send them a fact or two about the SCA.

As the parent of a child who was sexually abused at the ripe old age of a year and a half, I'm not trying to trivialize the incident. Just saying that far too many things lately have been decided by the media and people possessing only a handful of pseudo facts. This is too complex for a ten minute read and there are too many lives involved for a rush to judgement by anyone. The knee jerk reaction by people, just on reading the article, has me grateful that not everything is period.

Just a thought. As Always; LadySkye