[AET] Dark Ages Schola

t is the Age of Arthur, the Time of Charlemagne. The great Roman Empire has crumbled into the dust of legends. The Moors have invaded Spain while the Vikings have pushed into France. In short, Europe is a bit of a mess. Only Constantinople seems safe, but appearances can be deceiving. But amidst these tides of change there remains a beacon, a light of hope and learning.

On Saturday, June 13, 2009, you may continue to curse the darkness or, you may choose to join the Shire of Hornwood and light a candle to illuminate the Dark Ages under the lamp of education.

This event will be at the St. Severin's Parish Center (no street address) in Drifting, PA. With classes ranging from beginner's "how- to" through advanced culture and history there is sure to be something for everyone.

Only $10 for all the information you wish to learn, and all the food you want to eat. An side board will be served all day so you don't have to make a choice between education and food. For the heavy weapons enthusiasts, we will have some fun fighting.

Artisans are invited to come set up their workshops. You can set up a tent, use one of the site's wooden pavilions, or opt for a table inside. Prizes will be offered for the most educational and most historically accurate workshops. Populace, please bring a token to encourage the artist who most educates you that day. For those who are more martially inclined, we will run a modified Viking Holmgangr tournament.

In lieu of a feast, there will be an all day sideboard, and the site is wet so brewers and vintners are able to bring the fruits of their labors to enlighten the palates of the populace.

Directions ~
Make your best course to I-80. Take exit 133 (Kylertown). If you are coming from the east, turn Right at the end of the off-ramp onto Route 53 North. If you are coming from the west, turn Left at the end of the off-ramp onto Route 53 North. The event site is exactly five miles from this intersection. The church will be on your left and the Parish Center will be on your right.