[NOR] Warriors and Warlords XVI

Warriors and Warlords XVI Kronshage Park, 1500 Wisconsin Ave, Boscobel, WI 53805 July 9-12, 2009. Sponsored by the Great and Valiant Baronies of Nordskogen (Twin Cities area, MN) and Jararvellir (Madison area, WI)

Site fees:
A $3 non-member surcharge applies to all adult site fees, even those included in the family rates. There will be no preregistration this year, except for merchants.

Thursday & Friday arrival:
$20 adult
$10 minors (6-17)
5 & under - free
$50 Family cap

Saturday arrival:
$10 adult
$5 minors (6-17)
5 & under - free
(No family cap)
Family means two adults and unlimited minors/under-5 children. Children of the first two adults who are over 18 do NOT count in the family cap, and will be charged the adult fee.

Also, if you are serving as the onsite guardian for any minors, those minors can be counted as part of a family cap.

Jararvellir: Aesa Gilsdottir autocrats@warriorsandwarlords.org
Nordskogen: Master Ingus Moen autocrats@warriorsandwarlords.org