Atlantia to Hold Research Competition

Gentles involved in A&S in Atlantia are invited to participate in a research paper competition in conjunction with Tempore Atlantia, an ongoing A&S competition, and the Kingdom A&S Festival. Tempore Atlantia, a continuing, time-specific A&S competition, began in 2002. The Kingdom A&S Festival, by contrast, has an open time period.

Rebecca (Becky McEllistrem) writes:

I am sponsoring a series of research paper competitions in conjunction with Tempore Atlantia. This is a virtual competition with the winners to be announced at the event.

The first event to have this competition will be Kingdom Arts and Sciences Festival. This is an open competition including any subject relevant to Tempore Atlantia time periods.

Papers should be a minimum of three pages and are due 1 MONTH before the event. Rough drafts are allowed and encouraged. Rough drafts should be turned in 2 MONTHS before the event. Papers brought to the event will not be included. If you're having trouble brainstorming ideas for papers or resources, Sir Andras, OL will be available to help you. For best results, ask him for advice 3 or more months before the event.

Contact info for Sir Andras is:

If papers are written for other competitions they may also be included in this competition, however this should be noted. This competition is not intended for legacy papers. Papers completed up to 1 YEAR before the due date are accepted.

Laurels are allowed to compete but there will be prizes for laurels and non-laurels in all categories.

Categories include:
* best overall
* best improved (only for those that turned in rough drafts)
* judge's preference

Judges already committed to this competition include:
* Sir Andras, OL
* Duke Badouin Mackenzie, OL
* Mistress Caitlin Cheannlaidir
* Mistress Deirdre O'Siodhachain
* Mistress Fuiltigherne ni Ruadh O'Finn
* Mistress Jessamyne di Piemonte

Winners will receive a loaf of soap in the scent of their choice among other things. All writers should note if their papers may be published to a web site and possibly the Oak.

Papers should be turned in to me, not the judges. Any questions? Please write me at:

DUE DATES for Kingdom Arts Festival competition are as follows:
* Brainstorming sessions: prefer done by early December
* Rough Drafts due Jan 1, 2004
* Final Drafts due Feb 1, 2004

For more information on Atlantia's Tempore Atlantia visit: