First Court of Their Majesties Jonathon and Deille of Atenveldt

Court Report: Baroness Katharine of Cate Hall has kindly sent in a report from the first Court of TRM Jonathon and Deille, the new King and Queen of Atenveldt. After a short break, we returned to the hall to celebrate the coronation of our new Queen, Deille of Farnham. Escorted by members of her court, her ladies all in white with wreaths of white flowers on their heads, She entered the hall serenaded by beautiful singing (conducted by Master Lazarus Artifex).

Her Majesty received her crown at the hands of her husband and King, Jonathon. Together they were wildly applauded by their people.

Wearing their crowns, and mindful of their responsibilities, Their Majesties began to receive the oaths of fealty, from the Chivalry, the Laurels and Pelicans, the officer corps, and the people. The Masters of Arms and others who did not swear fealty saluted Their Majesties and drank their health as is the custom.

Their Majesties next called Count Erick Stroud to come into the court. His Majesty questioned Count Erick about his understanding of the obligations and duties of a Duke of Atenveldt and whether he was willing to accept them. When he assented, golden spurs were fastened to his boots, a magnificent robe bearing a full achievement of his arms was placed around his shoulders and a ducal coronet, made by Count Jonathan Whitewolf the Younger, was placed on his head. His Majesty then lightly struck him three times with His sword and proclaimed Duke Erick Stroud to the people.

Her Majesty called Countess Nichelle forth, questioned her, and heard her answers about the estate to which she was to be raised. Her Majesty then arrayed Countess Nichelle in her mantle, placed the coronet upon her head, and proclaimed Duchess Nichelle Whitewolfe to the people. Great applause greeted the newest Duke and Duchess of Atenveldt.

At this point, your tired old scribe had to step outside for a breath of air, because the hall was so packed that she needed to sit down.

I know that two awards of arms were given, one to Christine von Gutten and the other I missed, so I won't write the name of the person I believe got it since I can't stand being wrong. (Please, someone fill in my missing info?)

After helping in the frantic search party for Lady Isabelle le Chapentier, I returned to Court to find that she had been found and was being presented with the Order of the Artisan de Soleil for her work with the Sun Dragon Scriptoium. (I don't know if Lady Isabelle knew it or not, but Lord Karl, the Sheriff of the Barony of Atenveldt, ran all the way over to the feast hall to try to find her. His search was in vain, but it showed his most kindly concern that a lady not miss her award. Thank you Lord Karl!!!)

They say the bride is happy on whom the sun shines, but this day all the folk were happy with their new King and Queen on whom the rain lightly fell on the feast of All Saints.

Baroness Katharine of Cate Hall