[GLE] Aphar Faire

Come "surrender" yourself to a summer of French abandon! Learn about French contributions to society! (Were they more than fine wine and eclairs?) This is an all camping event, so show your love of good o'l fashioned "pomp and circumstance" and let the banners fly!

Aphar Faire... Deja` Vu~To You Too!!
August 7-9, 2009
Camp Robinson Special Use Area & Ben Pearson Memorial Archery Range
Clinton Rd., Saltillo, AR
(Site be discreetly Wet in the campin area only)

This year's activities will include, but NOT be limited to...

  • A French Themed Regional Arts and Sciences Competition
  • France or French culture, skills, adaptions in any medium
  • A Brewing Competition- Bring your best brews..Wine and Cheese!l>
  • Bardic Mayhem!!
    The "Terrible Troubadour" Competition
    Bards come descend upon us and give us your best..or worst, French themed story, poem, skit, or song!
  • The "Throwing of the Stones" Taunting Competition
    Hurl your best French insults at your opponent! (make it a "clean" but creative kill!!)
  • Best Mustache Competition / French Hair Braiding Competition
  • Both these contests require a "LIVE" subject, male or female, to be judged and braiding will take place onsite!
  • A Quest!!
    ...to challenge the mind of even the best "Inspector Clouseau!"
  • Best representation of a "White Flag Surrender!"
  • Classes, ahh oui, Classes to fill your idle day!
    If YOU want to teach a class, we would be honoured to have you share with us your knowledge! Please give our beautiful THL Karis all your class info at black_karen99@yahoo.com
  • Fighting, Oui, there will be fighting!
    The Menage a` Trois Tourney~ A three on three tourney to the death!
    The Pas de Arts for The Defender of Shire Lagerdamm!
    France Vs. England Melee ~Need I say more!?
  • "All for One and One for All" Fencing Challenges
    Be in the "Musketeer" mind set for this! Check website for more updates!
  • Archery!
    Would Agincourt had fallin' if YOU had been firin' on the English??
  • We offer fabulous Equestrian Facilities!
    "The War Horse was the most important military equipment owned by a medieval Knight!" ( "Medieval France" By William W. Kibler, Grover A. Zinn)
    To enjoy the facilities please Contact THL Karis for details or see the online flyer!
  • Merchants! Oh, Merchants, bring us your wares!
    Shop the finest merchants Gleann Abhann has to offer!
    If you would like to merchant, please contact Aine de Mowbray at louisetribble@yahoo.com
  • Come to enjoy the "Feast de` Resistance`!"
    Lady Morin inghen Ruairc will French "tickle" your palette with what's à la carte! The crème de la crème

Now, you say, what could make this better?
A recession friendly price that's what!!

Weekend rates:
$17.00 per person
$8.00 for children under 12

These prices include feast!

Day Trips rates:
$8.00 per person--add $2.00 for feast
$4.00 for children under 12 add $2.00 for feast
All rates add $3.00 for non-members

We hope that you will20all come and spend a summer weekend with us!