Final Court of Their Majesties Erick and Nichelle of Atenveldt

Court Report: Baroness Katharine of Cate Hall has kindly provided a detailed report of the final Court of Their Majesties Erick and Nichelle of Atenveldt. TRM Erick and Nichelle opened their final court by remembering the things they had most enjoyed during their reign, then they allowed a brief auction of original Southwind covers to benefit Southwind. Lord Cain purchased a cover entitled "Uncle Deaton Wants Your Toys" and then returned it to be re-auctioned with Mistress Gretchen winning the bidding. Lady Sarah NicLeod and her household won the bidding on a cover of TRM Erick and Nichelle and then presented it to them as a parting gift. The cover of Their Highnesses, Jonathon and Deille also fetched a high price, but the successful bidder managed to elude my eyes, so I can't tell you who it was, but the total bid for the three covers raised $325.00 for Southwind!

The awards given were as follows: Order of the Queen's Grace to Baroness Amanda Flanagan for her graciousness and hospitality. Dante MacGavin received an Award of Arms and Grevinde Etain von Tielwasser was honored with the Order of the Fleur de Soleil for her contribution to the arts (especially garb).

Their Majesties presented a "Fish" to Duchess Lyn Whitewolf. A "Fish" is an un-official award given to a Pelican for continued outstanding service. Then Isleen Ross MacNeill, the feast steward got called away from her cooking long enough to receive an Award of Arms and thanks for stepping in to prepare a feast under unusual circumstances. Ian Nudd MacPherson received an "excellent" award of a Court Barony to much applause.

His Majesty presented his Sigil to Baron Nudd, Sir Casca, Lord Tonis, Sir Jason of Antioch, Grevinde Etain, Lady Galiena, Lord Sym and Lord Kharra. The Sigils (in German, no less) were the work of the Southern Scriptorium and designed by His Grace, Sir Mathias.

Another Order of the Queen's Grace was presented to Brighid O' Daire, the Baroness of Tir Ysgathir with Her Majesty's thanks and then the Queen's Cyphers were presented to Sir William Flanagan the Baron of Atenveldt, Grevinde Etain, Lady Galiena, Mistress Magdalen Venturosa, Lady Tabitha NiClary and Lord Walrick Knightwalker. A Commander of the Queen's Grace was given to Zigmund Broghammer (who had to miss the festivities because of work, alas). The Cyphers were also the work of the Southern Scriptorium.

After special thanks to Mistress Maggie and Mistress Isabelle du Lac d'Azure for the Ducal robes that would be seen later, His Majesty spoke feelingly about the meaning of the Lion of Atenveldt to him, and then presented it to Diego de Marulanda, Baron of Sun Dragon, who received a standing ovation!

After bidding farewell to their court and guards, Prince Jonathon arrived to claim his throne. King Erick recognized his rightful claim, and relinquished the Crown to him, then he and his queen retired.

Jonathon crowned himself, in the tradition of the Kings of Atenveldt, to great cheers and much gladness! In kindness to his people he recessed his court that they might rest before the coronation of our new Queen.

That's enough for this message. An account of the Coronation court of TRM Jonathon and Deille will have to wait until I get back from Lunar scriptorim tonight.

It was a wonderful day and a fine ending to the reign of Erick and Nichelle.

Baroness Katharine of Cate Hall