[DRA] Turnier des Herzwaldes

The Shire of Vielburgen will hold the field at the ruins of the Frauenburg in Ruppertsecken (Central Region, Germany, Rheinland Pfalz, near the Donnersberg, about half way between Kaiserslautern and Mainz) on the 13th day of June. Please join us, on the field or off.

The event will center around a "Forest" style tournament, which is similar to the French Pas des Armes. There will also be fencing, food, general merriment, and possibly an iteration of the Frankmark 200.

This is a day event. The site will open at 1000 and close at about 1900. Site Fee is 8 Euros for adults, 4 for children 5-13, and free for children of fewer years. The Shire will serve lunch (no additional charge, included in your site fee). All will be free to return to their Manses for dinner, or to dine in the local area and repair to Garick and Yasamin's Manor for a post-event revel.

Reservations are not required, but if you think you'll be coming, an email to the Event Steward would help us plan the food. Your email is not binding, we just want to get a rough estimate. If you seek crash space, please DO reserve. Early reservations get rooms with beds, last minute crash space= will likely be available, but may just be floor-space.

Event Steward: Garick von Kopke john.chamberlin@ramstein.af.mil

Site: Set your Navi to "Bergstra=DFe 14, 67808 Ruppertsecken, Germany."