[ATL] Kingdom Assessments

Warriors of Atlantia! The time is nearly upon us once again for the King to review Atlantia’s army and ensure it is ready for the upcoming Pennsic War! The Barony of Black Diamond and the Houses of Clan Ebonwoulfe ask you to attend His Majesty at the upcoming King’s Assessment.

Martial Activities: Drills all day. From melees to small unit tactics, everything will be covered as well as some time set aside for more specific classes. Rapier, Heavy, and Youth Combat activities are

currently planned. For those attending “Summer War: A Call to Arms,” we will continue with the lessons learned in Caer Mear, July 3–5. For answers to any questions please contact King Logan Ebonwoulfe: logan@ebonwoulfe.com

Adult, Member: $10.00 Day-Trip / $5.00 Feast / $3.00 Camping
Adult, Non-member: $13.00 Day-Trip / $5.00 Feast / $3.00 Camping
Youth (5–17): $6.00 Day-Trip / $5.00 Feast / $0.00 Camping
Child (0–4): $0.00 Day-Trip / $0.00 Feast / $0.00 Camping
Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Barony of Black Diamond
Cost Notes: One-half of all proceeds will be donated to the Kingdom Travel Fund

Elchenburg Castle, 2239 Center Road Booneville, NC 27011

Site Restrictions: Please see website for full list of site rules. Wet site. Pets al¬lowed on leash or in cage.

Feast Information: Feast is by pre-reg only. All reservations must be received NLT July 1, 2009.

Feast will be prepared by King Logan Ebonwoulfe. This will be a very simple meal consisting of grilled bratwurst and kielbasa served with roll, sauerkraut, and a few differ¬ent mustards. Teas, both sweetened and unsweetened, will also be provided. There is no need to bring feast gear or anything except your mug. For answers to any questions please contact King Logan Ebonwoulfe logan@ebonwoulfe.com

Merchanting Information: Merchants are welcome! Please contact event steward with any questions.

Autocrat: Baronö Bessenyei Rozsa rozsa@ebonwoulfe.com

Reservations: Lord Eogan Cu Kerrowien@yahoo.com

Take your best route to I-77N. Take exit 82 and turn right (left if from I-77S) at the end of the exit ramp. Proceed less than a mile and turn right onto Messick Rd. Proceed to the end of Messick Rd, and turn left on Center Road. Approx 8 miles later is a Pure Oil gas station on the left. 1.4 miles past the Pure Oil station, turn right at the first castle on the right on a gravel road. Signs will be posted.