[ATL] Summer War

Baron Bryce has laid claim to all the lands along the King’s Highway from Caer Mear down to his summer estate in Nottinghill Coil. Only one thing stands in his way – The Barony of Windmaster’s Hill! Come join the Barony of Caer Mear for a long weekend of mêlées in the shade at the site of the Sapphire Joust Tournament.

Our focus shall be preparation for Pennsic with mêlées and training for armored and fencing combatants, as well as target archery shoots. Additionally authorizations will be held. Their Excellencies will also select their Champions and Artisan for the coming year. For those of a gentler persuasion, an A&S competition (documentation required) and display for Pennsic works in progress will take place. Lady Sorcha Gaughran ( CyndyAnne00@aol.com ) will serve a simple but hearty feast for $5. At night songs of valor and tales of bravery will echo through the woods.

Martial Activities: Melees and army training for Pennsic in the shade of the woods for both armoured and rapier fighters. The Baronial Champions for Armoured and Rapier combat will be chosen by Their Excellencies. Arts & Sciences Activities: An A&S competition (documentation required) and a display of works in progress for Pennsic. The Caer Mear Baronial Artisan will be chosen by Their Excellencies.

Adult, Member: $8.00 Day-Trip / $5.00 Feast / $0.00 Camping
Adult, Non-member: $11.00 Day-Trip / $5.00 Feast / $0.00 Camping
Youth (10–17): $5.00 Day-Trip / $5.00 Feast / $0.00 Camping
Child (0–9): $0.00 Day-Trip / $5.00 Feast / $0.00 Camping

Make Checks Payable To: SCA, Inc., Barony of Caer Mear
Cost Notes: There is no additional fee for camping; the fee is the same to daytrip as it is to camp.

Site: Tom Scott Park, 8740 Otterburn Road, Amelia, VA 23002

Site Restrictions: Pets are not permitted. Firepits are permitted provided they are completely re-turfed afterwards. Firebowls are permitted.

Feast Information: Lady Sorcha Gaughran ( CyndyAnne00@aol.com ) serve a simple but hearty feast for $5. Merchanting Information: Gentles interested in merchanting should contact the autocrat ( melisentlaruse@yahoo.com )) in advance of the event to arrange space and get information. Autocrat: Melisent la Ruse melisentlaruse@yahoo.com

Reservations: Aillenn Dilis ingen Nell AillennDilis@verizon.net

From North, South, and East: Take your best route to Route 288 off I-95. Take the 360 West exit towards Amelia. It will be about 1/2 hour drive to Amelia from 288. Turn left on Business Route 360 East (Goodies Bridge Rd ). There will be an Interna¬tional Truck store on right.** Turn Right on Otterburn Rd (Rt 614). Go 1/2 mile to stop sign. Go straight (becomes Route 38) for 1/2 mile. Tom Scott Park will be on the right. From West: Take your best route to 360 East. Turn right on Business Route 360 East (Goodies Bridge Rd). There will be an International Truck store on left. ** See above.