Captain Cadogan Blaydes placed on vigil for Knighthood

Baron Kyppyn Kirkcaldy reports that his Squire, Captain Cadogan Blaydes, has been placed on vigil for Knighthood by Their Majesties EikBrandr and Runa.

Baron Kyppyn writes:

Greetings unto the populace of the Midrealm and the Society!

I am pleased to announce that I was given the honor yesterday at the Middle Kingdom Rose Tourney by TRMs EikBrandr and Runa to beg a boon for my Squire, Captain Cadogan Blaydes, to be put on vigil for the Order of the Chivalry.

Cadogan will sit vigil until Pennsic War where he will be offered the accolade of Knighthood.

Please help me congratulate Captain Cadogan!

In Service,

Baron Kyppyn Kirkcaldy, KSCA,OP