[ART] Dragons Tear XXV

Once again it is time for our Shire Heavy Championship at Dragons Tear. But before any can say it is just another event, please keep in mind that this year’s event will mark Dragon Tear’s Silver Anniversary. In keeping with past tradition, our meal package will include a Friday evening soup kitchen, a wonderful breakfast with a refreshing lunch on Saturday followed by our delectable feast that will be outlined below. On Sunday morning, we will have food set out for those who want to forge for a bite before breaking camp.

For this great occasion in our Shire’s history, we are sending out this humble missive to welcome one & all to join in our celebration. But the fun does not end there. We will also be having our Archery Tournament. And last but not least a Rapier competition and the Second Annual Light Fighters Defender of the Arts Tourney. In honor of our Silver Anniversary, the winners of the Heavy & Rapier tourneys will be given a special prize to bestow upon their consorts as well as sword and dagger respectively for the winners themselves.

We are inviting anyone with Siege Weapons to come forth & put on a demo so that all may see the terror one strikes into the hearts. There are whispers on the winds of a class on the Introduction of Siege Weapons for those wishing to explore the mayhem & destruction. Muah-ha-ha-ha…(most evil laugh) We are still working on a list of classes at this time. The ones that are set are Unisex Turban Wrapping, men’s eye kohl and Tribal Make-up; the other class on the list is Period recipe interpretation. Check at troll for the finalized class list as you enter our great event.

Merchants are more than welcome to come and share their wares with us. No Merchant fee but we do ask for a donation to be auctioned off during our Shire Auction directly following feast.

And after our taste for knowledge, shopping & carnage has been slacked join us under our pavilion for a grand feast.

Grand Feast will consist of;
First course will be a delectable salmon accompanied by wild rice and Mediterranean grape tomatoes. Second course Persian Pomegranate Chicken paired with Toublee and feta on the side. Followed by a refreshing palate cleanser of Mint Sorbet made on site. Then it will be time for Roasted Pork Loin on a Red Apple & Wine Reduction Sauce paired with an Herb salad lightly tossed with Balsamic Vinaigrette. But please save room for dessert of Apple Dumplings with Heavy Cream (some Apple Dumplings will be made without nuts for those with allergies).

For those little’s who join us, we will also be holding a mini-feast an hour before the main feast of hot dogs & smores at the large fire pit area. Not to worry for all of us older kids at heart there will be smores after the sun sets as we meet around the fire to sing, share stories & just enjoy good companionship.

In addition to the littles feast, there will be various youth activities to be held during mid-morning and mid-afternoon on Saturday. After the main search for the Dragon’s Tears our youth will be able to purchase plunder from the humble Youth Officer with their Dragon’s Tear gems. We are also doing our best to have a Youth Combat Tournament as well, depending upon marshal status.

This year in honor of our Silver Anniversary we will also be doing another hands on so to speak fundraising activity. Our local Sheriff will have false warrants that may be purchased from him for $ 1.00 and the recipient of the warrant shall be placed in the stocks for a short amount of time. The gentle that is being led to the stocks might be able to bribe the Sherriff with coin to escape his turn at the stocks. In addition to this, if the good gentle that is within the stocks approves, the children may purchase wet sponges to throw at the one within the stocks. So in light of this additional fun, bring your dollars and your dimes and join in our fun and games.

Site Fees- Adults: $15.00, 14 & under: $10.00 for the two nights of camping. $3.00 Non-Member Surcharge will be collected for all Non-Members.
Feast Fees- Adults: $15.00 for three days of meals, $10.00 for ages 14-5, youth under five guests of the Shire.
Family Cap is for Family of four or more is $100.00.

Savings to be had by Pre-paying: Adults: Meals and Site; $25.00 and Families of four or more; $75.00 pre-paid for Meals and Site. Non-Member surcharges still apply. Please pre-pay by June 26th. Payments made payable to the Shire of Stan Wyrm, SCA Inc at 215 1st Ave N, PO Box 1233, Great Falls, MT, 59401.

Directions: If you are traveling north from Great Falls, Montana, continue out of town down 10th Ave S, which turns into Highway 89/200. When you come to the Armington Junction turn right towards Neiheart and travel down Highway 89 until just before Neiheart. There will be a bridge on your right hand side of the road with a sign saying S.C.A pointing in the direction you need to go. If you are coming from the south from the White Sulphur Springs direction you need to go north on Highway 89 continue through Neiheart and the bridge will be on the left with a S.C.A sign pointing to the direction you need to go. If you are traveling east going west through Stanford on Highway 87/200 west bound go to the Raynesford Junction and take a left heading toward Monarch and continue on toward Neiheart just before Neiheart there will be a S.C.A sign on your right showing the way you need to turn and go. When anyone gets to this point, they need to go over the small narrow bridge. You need to continue to follow the dirt road until the end, staying to the left, the road WILL go all the way to camp with NO turn offs. The campsite is the last one on the road...

Event Steward: Lady Sorcha inghean ui Lorcain; tenacia2000@yahoo.com 406-868-9562

Feast Steward & Knight Marshal Contact: Lord Morgan Lucktain; celtic_wolf07@yahoo.com 406-868-9216

Merchant and Youth Contact; Lady Sorcha inghean ui lorcain; tenacia2000@yahoo.com 406-868-9562

Cabin Reservations Contact: Lady Redhawk; sca_redhawk@yahoo.com