New Janet Arnold Book to be Released

THL Eleanor of Leycestershyre, who has been in contact with the estate of the late Elizabethan costume expert Janet Arnold, announces that a new book will soon be available. Her Ladyship Eleanor writes:


For those of you with an interest in the works of the late great British costume historian, Janet Arnold, I offer the following news. I have today, received a letter from Santina M. Levey, (the executor of Janet Arnold's estate) updating me on the work that both she and Millie Jaffe' have been conducting, to assemble one last final volume in the "Patterns of Fashion" series.

Those of you, who have followed my previous posts, will remember that Ms. Levey and Mrs. Jaffe' have been working with previously unpublished research materials of Ms. Arnold's, relating to fair linen - coifs, shirts, shifts, ruffs, collars, etc. which were left as part of the estate.

Originally, they had hoped to be ready for a publication date of late 2003 or early 2004. Ms. Levey informs me that unfortunately due to "personal reasons", there will be at least a one year delay until the new volume is published.

She goes on to say the the new volume will be published by Macmillan as part of the existing series of "Patterns of Fashion", but that we should not expect to see it until late 2004 or early 2005.

Please free to forward to other interested parties or lists, as desired.

In service to Crown and Coronet, yours faithful and ever assured,

HL Eleanor of Leycestershyre, AoA, JdL, etc
Apprentice to Mistress Sine Gillian MacDonald, OL
"Purpure a Phoenix Or rising from Flames Gules, on a Chief Or three Suns in Splendour Purpure"
Head of House Crone Henge

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