[NOR] Griffin Needle Challenge

The Griffin Needle Challenge is a costuming competition, open to teams or individuals, where the goal is to create a complete outfit in just 20 hours!

Site will open at 6PM on Friday and the competition will begin at 10PM. Needles down will be called at 6PM on Saturday night, with the judging to follow immediately. There are four divisions to accommodate any skill level, all the way from Novice to the Pyxis' Pleasure (where the goal is to create an outfit and accessories that is as accurate and documentable as possible), so grab some friends and grab some fabric and come sew with us!

Griffin Needle Challenge
Hosted by the Barony of Jararvellir
October 16-17, 2009
Rodeway Inn South, Madison, WI

The major changes for this year include:

  • No need to draft patterns on site - we would rather you produce a quality garment than show how fast you can drape a pattern.
  • The site is in a hotel and so completely climate controlled
  • The site is in a hotel, so those desiring a "real" bed can reserve a room for the night.
  • However, due to site constraints, we will not have a separate communal napping room. Bring an eye mask and earplugs if you plan to nap at your station.

Since site is smaller this year, space will be limited - please register your team as soon as possible by sending the following information to Eithni:

Team Name:
Team Captain:
Captain's email address:
Captain's phone number:
Division: (Novice, Intermediate, Advances or Pyxis' Pleasure)
Period and culture of entry (optional):
Estimated number of team members:

I look forward to sewing with you!