Volunteers needed for Pennsic War XXXVIII

Baroness Rosamund Beauvisage, Division of Interdepartmental Matters Deputy for Pennsic War XXXVIII, reports on an effort to encourage volunteerism at this year's War.

Her Excellency writes:

As you may have heard at some point or another volunteer rates have been declining over the last few years at Pennsic. This is putting more and more of a burden on those who do volunteer (and we are tremendously grateful for all of them who do) as we strive to provide a wonderful Current Middle Ages vacation for everyone who attends.

To the end of increasing volunteerism at Pennsic, Mistress Jessa of Avondale (East) and I have spearheaded an effort to publicize Pennsic volunteering needs before the War so that people can see the need and decide where they can contribute. A preliminary (in-progress) page has been added to the Pennsic website. More information is being added every day.

Please consult this page and make plans to join us. Please disseminate this URL widely -- to dependents, to local groups, to SCA chat lists to which you belong. I'm a firm believer in the old adages "Many hands make light work" and "The more the merrier!" Those of you who have volunteered at Pennsic know that volunteering is a great way to have fun make lots of new friends and have the rewarding feeling of having contributed to the good of our whole SCA community as gathered at the War.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Baroness Rosamund Beauvisage