Warriors of History Tournament returns to Pennsic War

Baron Diomedes Sebastianus reports that the 4th Annual Pennsic Warriors of History Tournament, sponsored by the Kingdom of the East, will take place on the Wednesday of Pennsic XXXVIII's War Week on the main battlefield. This is a new location.

His Excellency writes:

On Wed of War week at Pennsic, the Cataphracts and Knights of Duchy Von Drachenklaue (VDK) will be holding the 4th Annual Pennsic Warriors of History Tournament. Sponsored by the Kingdom of the East.

New Location:
The main battlefield, in the area immediately in front of the Eastern and Atlantian battlefield pavilions. This is not the normal location for the Known Works Squire's Tournament, or the Warriors of History Tournament, but we expect a very large turnout and do not wish to interfere with the other events that day (Combat of the Thirty, etc).

Schedule (approx):
10:00 - 1:00, Known World Chivalry Tournament (Sponsor: Kingdom of the East)
1:30 - 4:00, Known World Squires Tournament (Sponsor: Kingdom of the Atlantia)
4:30 - 6:00, Warriors of History Tournament (Sponsor: Kingdom of the East)

Official Name:
"The Pennsic Warriors of History Tourney" by the Cataphracts and Knights of Duchy Von Drachenklaue (VDK). A "Documentable Kit" brawl for unbelts.

An unbelted tournament for kits that meet the standards of the Fedoratii of the VDK: Order of the Cataphract

Encourage and inspire excellence of kit on the field. Hit people with sticks.

Participants must:

  1. Appear as if he walked from the pages of a history book at a spear throws distance*.

  2. Appearance in armour should inspire others to excellence and must have no glaringly un-documentable aspects beyond those required for safety - ie: baskethilts, bargrills, cops, gauntlets, etc. (Rule of thumb: if you can document it you can have it -- to include kits based on period works of art. If you cannot document it, you must make a reasonable attempt to hide it)

  3. Have an understanding why your kit is correct so that you can speak intelligently about it.

"...like a really cool night-club. Lots of fun on the inside, but you have to get past the bouncer."

It is our desire to hold an unbelted tournament held to the standards of our House Order: the participants must be documentable from a spears throw (forgiving safety items). This idea and the standards which we set will cause a tremendous amount of tumult amongst the purists. We know this.

Two Winners will be selected.

  • The Tournament Winner (martial prowess) will receive the title "Fedoratii Primus Pilus"

  • The second winner will be chosen from amongst the participants as "best kit in show" and receive the title "Fedoratii Signifer".

  • Both will be inducted into the VDK "Order of the Fedoratii", adorned with badge, and receive material prizes.


  • Any non-Chivalry who desire and meet the standards may participate.

  • There will be no limit to the number of participants. All are encouraged to represent our Society with the best look possible.

  • Unbelted Peers may participate, and may become the Tournament Winner (martial prowess - "Fedoratii Primus Pilus") , but may NOT win the "best kit in show" - "Fedoratii Signifer," prize. (It is our expectation that all Peers would already have inspiring and "historically accurate" kits, and thus do not need an event such as this to encourage and celebrate.) Additionally, by placing the focus on non-Peers we hope to raise the level of accuracy for the next "generation" of SCA fighter. After all, it is Peers who are most often emulated. If we can, in some small way, make better looking Peers next generation, subsequent generations will be that much better. Therefore, Pelicans and Laurels may win the martial aspect of the Tourney, but not the appearance/"historical accurate" aspect of the tourney.

  • Final admittance on the day will be by approval of two Armour Laurels.

  • Spectators are welcomed and desired.

Guaranteed rejections:

  • Exposed modern footwear.
    Period footwear is preferred. All effort must be made to make modern footwear appear as period as possible.

  • Street Hockey Gloves UNLESS covered / colored to look like real Gaunts/gloves (similar to footwear rule).

  • Exposed plastic to include plastic lamellar

  • "Casserole" armour. Casserole: any mis-mash of time periods. e.g. Churburg brestplate with a Dura helm and Wisby gauntlets and etc... (all these are documentable by themselves, but centuries apart).

  • Inappropriate persona/arms combination: (Viking with a heater, great-swording Roman, madu, etc)

  • A t-tunic over 'football' pads or similar look.

This Years Weapons:

  1. Maces, Hammers, Mauls, Cudgels, Axes and Spears
  2. Must not be longer than 5 feet
  3. No shields permitted
  4. Must be accurate to your time and place and culture.
  5. No "2 weapons".
  6. No sidearms may be drawn.

Thank you!

Baron Diomedes Sebastianus (D.Sebastian)
Lord Commander of the Imperial Retinue of TIH Andreas and Gabriella
Webright to same above
Harbinger of the VDK