A thesis on period veils in the offing

Zebee Johnstone reports that she has nearly completed her thesis on medieval veils. An abstract of the work, in French and English, is available to review online.

The abstract has been posted on the blog Textiles and Costume of the late Middle Ages and Early Modern Times.

From the abstract:

Simple frilled veils were already in use long before the mid 14th century, in the Low Countries as well as in most other European countries. From c. 1340 onwards frilled veils with multiple frilled edges became fashionable, and a greater regional variety of types of frilled veils came to be the order of the day. Around 1350 this multilayered style first appears at the courts of the Low Countries and about 1360-70 it reached the middle classes. After c. 1460 the frilled veils seem to disappear as a noble fashion, wealthy townswomen held on to wearing them until at least c. 1475. The ranse was a precious piece of female attire that was worn mainly by noble women and the citizen elite. Rarely it can be seen being flaunted by the working class as well. The occasions at which the ransen were worn were generally of a formal nature, but were not necessarily ceremonial.