President's Report of the April 2009 Board of Directors Meeting

Patrick Anderson, President, SCA Inc., has submitted his report for the April 18, 2009 meeting of the Board of Directors of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

Patrick Anderson writes:


This is the President's report of the actions taken at the SCA Inc.'s most recent Board of Directors meeting, held April 18, 2009 in Williamsburg, VA, in the Kingdom of Atlantia. This material may be freely distributed, and those receiving it are strongly encouraged to share this information with the general membership. Permission is hereby granted to reprint all or part of this report in Kingdom, Principality, and local newsletters. It is requested that the source of the information be identified as "from the President's Report of the April, 2009 Board meeting" and that, as far as possible, exact quotes be used. Please note that this report is NOT the official Minutes of the Board meeting. In case of any discrepancy between this document and the approved Minutes, the Minutes are binding. Any inaccuracies in reporting contained herein are my own.

Subscriptions to the Board Minutes are available from the SCA Inc. A subscription includes this report in addition to the Minutes approved at the meeting. Past approved Minutes are also available on the SCA web site.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on July 11 2009 via conference call. The deadline for submission of agenda items is July 1, 2009. Please send hardcopies of any agenda items to Renee Signorotti at the SCA, Inc. corporate office by that date

Respectfully submitted,
Patrick Anderson
President, SCA Inc.


The Board took note of the creation of the Canton Des Forges in Trussville, AL.


Corpora IV.A.2. Revision - Memberships for Royal Lists

The Board approved the following change in Corpora in order to protect the membership from the ramifications that can occur when a reign is invalidated due to an accidental lapse in membership by ruling nobility.


Section IVA 2

2. Each competitor and projective consort must hold a valid membership on the day to the Royal list, and must maintain that membership until their term of Royalty is over. Positive conformation that the Registry has processed the membership applications is required before anyone may fight or be fought for in a Royal List. Positive confirmation consists of a valid membership card, appearance of the name with a valid membership on a printout from the Corporate Office, a membership label issued by the Corporate Office showing the name and expiration date, or a postcard or letter from the Corporate office confirming that the membership has been received.

Approved by the Board:

2. Each competitor and prospective consort must hold a valid membership on the day of the Royal Lists. Within ten business days after being declared victor in a Crown or Coronet Tourney, the Victor and Consort must present to the Kingdom Seneschal proof that their memberships are current through at least the end of the prospective reign. Positive confirmation consists of; a valid membership card, appearance of the name with a valid membership on a printout from the Corporate Office, a membership label issued by the Corporate Office showing the name and expiration date, receipt of online membership (as downloaded from the renewal website), or a postcard or letter from the Corporate office confirming that the membership has been received.


Society Webminister’s Handbook (March 2009)

The Society Webminister’s Handbook was approved, although implementation of that handbook is at the pleasure of the new Society Webminister

Aethelmearc War Practice Waiver Variance Request

A request to approve revised waivers for the Aethelmearc War Practice was denied by the Board.

Society Chronicler’s Policies Manual (March 2009)

The new Society Chronicler’s Policies Manual was approved.


President - Patrick Anderson (Gabriel andvaka Kjotvason)

Requests for Board action

At this time I have been in this job nearly three years. My tenure as President ends either at the January 2010 Board meeting or February 1, 2010 (I’m not quite sure which). At this time, its prudent to look for a successor, with the goal of selecting my successor at the October, 2009 Board meeting, training that person for one quarter, and turning over the office at the January, 2010 Board meeting.

Therefore, I request the Board approve the attached job description and order me to request applicants for the job of President of the SCA, Inc., with a closing date for applications of September 15, 2009.

By consensus, Chairman Simon approved the job description as provided and directed President Anderson to prepare and post an announcement requesting applications for the position.


This is the last Board meeting of George Reed, the Society Seneschal. I have a short list of people who have made my job easy and George tops that list. He knows his job and he does it well. I have been truly privileged to work with him these last years.

And it is the beginning of Kim Harvey’s tenure as Society Seneschal. I have been working with Kim for the last several months as she transitions into the job, and she has been doing a great job so far. I have complete faith that she will be a huge asset to our Corporate and Society team.

This is the last meeting of director Heather English. Heather has acted as the quiet voice of reason on the Board. I will miss her thoughts and comments, and hope that she has fun in the West.

Publishable summary

The SCA, Inc. continues its mission of helping people enjoy the present by recreating the past. It’s been a good quarter with two wars occurring and much fun being had by all.

I appreciate people commenting to the Board on proposals the Board puts forth. It helps the Board make educated decisions based on the desires of the participants in the SCA when people comment.

The Risk Assessment of Wars project has gotten off to a good start, with the Assessor attending both Estrella and Gulf Wars and setting the ground work for the assessment to come.

While there has been some noise in some areas, generally, the quarter has been quiet.

Publication Manager - Dori Andrepont (Doria Tecla)

Requests for Board action

  1. Approve the job description for the Editor of CA

    By consensus, Chairman Simon approved the job description for the Editor of the Compleat Anachronist as presented.

  2. Open applications for the Editor of CA upon the Publication Editor's timeframe.

    By consensus, Chairman Simon directed the Publications Manager to begin the application process for the next Editor of the Compleat Anachronist.


Many thanks go to Patrick Anderson for his help with the new office, and especially to Renee Signorotti for her time and efforts in making the unexpected transition to new printers for our publications.

Publishable summary

Bids for production of Tournaments Illuminated, Compleat Anachronist and Known World Handbook have been solicited from a variety of printers, with new printers and mailing houses having been selected for CA and TI.

Vice President of Operations (Society Seneschal) - George Reed (Aaron faheud Swiftrunner of the Stone Keep)

Requests for Board action

  1. Please warrant Ms. Kimberly Harvey, known as Countess Kenna Harve as the Vice President of Operations and Society Seneschal of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

    Motion by Heather English to appoint Kimberly Harvey, known as Countess Kenna Harve as the Vice President of Operations and Society Seneschal of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. to the standard two (2) year term and subject to the standard six (6) month probationary period. Seconded by Eric Langhans. In favor: Heather English, Erik Langhans, Aaron Lloyd, Marilee Lloyd, Kim McAuley, Mitchell Steck. Opposed: None. Motion carried.

  2. Please approve initiation of the application process for selection of the next Society Chatelaine.

    By consensus, Chairman Simon directed President Anderson and Society-Seneschal Elect to begin the application process for the next Society Chatelaine.

Policy Interpretations

  1. Referred by the SCA Marshal: Q: Can authorizations be performed at back-yard practices as opposed to official practices and/or events? A: In a word, no. There is agency granted when we authorize a fighter, inferring to the world they are trained and safe and officially sanctioned to participate. Agency of this nature must be granted under official auspices or we are inferring that we support any backyard practice anywhere with our insurance and rules and enforcement. Pretty scary stuff.

    Motion by Mitchell Steck to uphold the Society Seneschal's policy interpretation that authorizations cannot be performed at back-yard practices as opposes to official practice and/or events. Seconded by Aaron Lloyd. In favor: Heather English, Erik Langhans, Aaron Lloyd, Marilee Lloyd, Kim McAuley, Mitchell Steck. Opposed: None. Motion carried.


  1. Renee Signorotti, Patricia LaChance, Theresa Anderson

    The SCA Corporate Headquarters in Milpitas has been invaluable and patient and these three ladies are on the watch-list for sainthood for the myriad indignities minor and major they overcome in the course of providing excellent service to our membership. Their cheery assistance to me, my staff, and the kingdoms has been without equal. Renee stands out especially, given the (approximately) 1.3498 million times she has kept me from going under the bus.

  2. Heather English

    Heather English concludes her tenure on the Board at the end of the April 2009 meeting. Before that she spent several years as one of my Kingdom Seneschals. Heather came into both jobs with much to learn and grew into each quickly. She will long stand on my list of excellent servants to the society—ever skilled at making it don’t. She also has some brilliant taste in scotch.

  3. Leslie Luther- Fulton

    Leslie has spent the past few years as the Executive Assistant to the Board of Directors. We all love Saint Leslie for her good humor, deft hand at a thankless task, the gentle way she can invite someone to stop smoking the bad bird seed, and for her innate ability to make Duke John Bear-Killer hide under the couch. Leslie has been a wonderful coworker, a fine example to emulate, and a very dear friend.

  4. SCA Web-folk

    These folks, led by Marla Lecin keep the lights on, the web-site running, and field a thousand problems a year before anyone ever knows something is amiss. We could never possibly count the volunteer hours spent keeping our systems and data safe, our operations operating, and tolerating the ever changing whims of the Imperium Seneschal. Thanks guys!

  5. Dave Wiener, Scott Courtney, Jeffrey Alan Brown

    As a technology executive in the modern world, I was quickly drafted to assist with the Chief Technology officer’s area, forming a bridge between our corporate needs and the many systems that support them. Dave Wiener and his cast of volunteers did a phenomenal job making online membership happen. Scott Courtney brought us into a more robust and cost-effective technology solution and Jeff Brown helped forge the role of the CTO into a corporate office reporting to the President and over-seeing projects as opposed to punching keys. These gentlemen all provided invaluable service to the Society took us from paper forms to online waivers and well-earned the Pelicans that grace their arms.

  6. Meg Baron, Linda Moore, Patrick Anderson

    It is somewhat frightening to think that I served with three different Presidents of the SCA. Meg Baron was a storehouse of ‘how we do that” and “WE Do NOT do THAT!” and “Gods above tell me you did not hit SEND on that!” Meg worked at the Corporate level for just under six years as Director, Chairman, President, and Executive Assistant. I still miss her humor at meetings and hear the click of nails on the keyboard express.

    Linda Moore was a phenomenal Kingdom officer, the perfect image—well to me—of a Director, a vibrant and caring Chair of the Board, and a very fair, detail-oriented President. When she left the corporate level to be queen of Northshield, I remember thinking how very much I’d miss her and how very lucky Northshield was.

    Patrick Anderson is a perfect example of what happens when you forget how to spell “NO!” He served well as chair of the SCA Legal Committee and did not flee for the border when a sudden vacancy appeared at the top box. Patrick has guided us through many and sundry tangled issues and displayed remarkable dignity whenever someone hisses out the word, “Potttteeerrrrrrrrrrr!”

  7. Jason Williams, Hal Simon

    Jason Williams is one of the finest examples of fair and measured work as a chairman that I have ever seen. He looked at every possible side of a story—even when the answer seemed obvious at the outset. As a result, many decisions were made effectively when a more-hasty action would have led to disaster. He is off racing cars now, but the SCA is a brighter place for his laps around our track.

    Hal has served on the board twice and his persistent calming influence and experience with historical organizations is a tremendous asset to the Society. I was lucky to get to work with him twice during my tenure.

  8. Gabrielle Underwood, Fernando Vigil, Shawn Reed, Liz Schraer, Dena Cady

    These directors were a delight to work with and each in their own way greatly impacted the quality of service I have been able to provide.

    Gabrielle Underwood is a proud force of nature who is positively miffed when we cleverly spot how much she cares about people. Her fire, enthusiasm, and skill at keeping a meeting on point were simply priceless.

    Fernando (FERD) Vigil was a rock upon which the waves of wrong had no chance. He can see through any subterfuge, find humor after a fifteen hour work session, and hand a can of quiet to a screaming duke with confidence and a smile.

    Shawn Reed can see every side of the story and will examine all possible good motives before assuming mal-intent. This detailed due diligence kept sanctions activity on the path of fairness for her entire tenure. She has a cool last name too.

    Liz Schraer could spot a typo on page 476 of a document without opening the binder. Her attention to detail is simply amazing to behold.

    Dena Cady. The delightful Dena has the compassion of a nurse and the no-nonsense nature of the emergency room. She could cut an issue to the bone and take direct action when the situation called for it. She has been off the Board for years now, but I still remember when she saved my life with a liberal supply of advil and a warm smile.

  9. Susan Earley, Mazelle Attiya

    Without a stalwart Society Exchequer, where would we go to finance the SCA? Petty Cash of course! In seriousness, both Susan and Mazelle came into the post with directives to address specific problems and initiatives and succeeded masterfully. They are fine co-workers and priceless friends. One thing though—the shortest path between two points at Estrella is *not* found by following Susan Earley…

  10. Kelly A. Stowe, Tim Jennings

    What can one say about the Ivy Duchess of Arts and the King of Bling?

    Kelly went on from the chaos of two full terms as a society officer to the quiet, reserved retirement due to anyone who becomes Khan of the Horde for life.. O Wait.

    Tim Jennings is a masterful entertaining, director of theatres in modern life, and a great encourager of the arts and sciences. His skills, collaborative sense of compromise, and dedication to service have made him an icon of excellence in the SCA. I particularly enjoyed our April Fool’s report competitions.

  11. Elise Fleming

    Elise has been the Society Chatelaine for most of my tenure. She did a phenomenal job teaching, coaching, mentoring, inspiring, and giving SUCH a pinch when matters call for it. I am ever inspired by her enthusiasm and warm heart.

  12. Tamara Griggs, Stephanie Drummonds

    In the beginning there was the SCA and nobody knew who we were and this was good. So very, very good. But then came the media on a slow news-day and they discovered the games in the parks and cooked up great schemes to show the games on Wife-Swap and Queer Eye and it was bad so very, very bad… But then I hired Tamara Griggs to establish a Media Officer post and organization, and there was policy and protection, and proliferation of positive press…and this was good…so very, very good.

    But then Tamara needed a rest and the infidels of wife-swap were upon us and the masses wailed and it was bad so very, very bad. Forth—ok Second—came Stephanie Drummonds, and there were smiles, and calm, and velvety anvils, and manners, and policy, and perfectly positive pictures of presentable press and it was very, very good. So good I shall stop this section now.

  13. Kevin Griggs

    Fighting and eating and dancing, and finances can be a risky business. I asked Kevin Griggs to step away from his regular position as Large Duke of Intimidation (+3) and develop some risk assessment strategies. He did so and evaluated many circumstances for their risk to our membership and the organization itself. There are at least a dozen utter disasters no one ever heard about because he analyzed them for me and I was able to open of a large box of “Not Happening!” and make them vanish.

  14. Tobalina Beck, Deborah Brown, Cathyn McKenna, Marilee Lloyd, Charles Cohen, Wendel Bordelon, John Fulton, AJ Riviezzo, Erik Langhans

    My fearless band of intrepid investigations deputies. These folks gave up tons of free time, travelled around the continent, interviewed stressed-out, angry, scary people, and rendered sound recommendation as to what my office or the Board should do about problems. There is **no** way I could have accomplished the Sanctions Management part of my job without these fine folks and I commend them highly for taking trips under the bus on my behalf. Sorry about the tire-marks guys…

  15. Joseph Radding, Sandi Doner, Cara Zitny, Jennifer Gaspar

    In every long-term SCA experience there are examples of dedication, hard work, selflessness, and amazing calm in the face of the impossible and daunting. These folks are who I think of whenever this sort of person is discussed.

    Joe Radding is perhaps the finest mediator I have ever seen. His greatest triumph was a mediation that did not entirely work, but it showed that one really can afford every possible chance for conflict to be resolved with pinache.

    Sandi Doner, known in the society as Saint Katherine Barr was seneschal of the East Kingdom and taught me immeasurable things about grace under fire.

    Cara Zitny twice organized large symposiums on my behalf, with minimal financial burden to the SCA and great positive change to the organization. I cannot express how much the SCA owes this fine Baroness from Caid. I can only say thank you.

    Jennifer Gaspar. Some people evoke great changes and some people evoke little ones which add up without anyone noticing. Jennifer performed a small task for my office some years ago. This small task allowed us to begin the process of streamlining Corpora, Seneschal Policy, Kingdom laws, and cut down to the rules required. She is also the only soul I have encountered who can be Kingdom Seneschal, Royal Chamberlain, and Royal Liaison at Pennsic and still have a smile at the end of the week. It could have been the stout, but I like to think it is about class and the fabled fists of fury.

  16. Kathryn Kibellus, Karen Johnson, Courtney Powers, Brandy Powers, Dana Cushing, Scott Herzog

    While I have had nearly a dozen SCA dependents promoted in the 15 years since I became a peer, these fine folks have given up Laurel/Pelican time, pitched in on projects, kept their silence when they heard confidential information, and brought me a tasty adult beverage when venting was just not going to cut it.

  17. Baroness Aurelia Rufinia.

    I had the pleasure of twice working with Her radiance as the Best.Pennsic.Secretary.Ever ™ Those two Pennsics were so much easier than the others, despite 18 hour days and chaos at 3 am. Rufinia is a true force of nature and “A Roman by God!” She is an effective bouncer, a skilled scheduler, a tactful courier, and if I ever told people how much she really cares about the SCA and the people in it she’d probably…o…dear..

  18. George L. Reed III, James William Reed

    My boys gave up a lot of Dad time when I scurried around the globe on SCA business. I have to think that theirs was a far-greater sacrifice than mine. Their smiles and hugs when I got back have frankly been one of the things that keep the Swiftrunner swift for what has become a term two days longer than Hilary of Serendip.

Publishable Summary

A Farewell Letter to the Officers and Membership of the Society for Creative Anachronism

''To the Corporate Office, Officers, Directors, Royal Families, Membership, and visitors to the Society for Creative Anachronism I send these last greetings as your Vice President of Operations and Society Seneschal.

First and foremost I would like to thank the tens of thousands of participants for six years of challenges, learning-experiences, and opportunities to serve and to observe excellence on a grand scale. Few of us have had the pleasure of even a single term in this space, and to be blessed with two is a gift beyond measure.

For every challenge and tragedy, I have seen a hundred shining examples of why we all came together to begin with. For every loss there are a thousand victories, Your voices have all sung loud in the hall, have been heard even when I did not want to hear, and have helped change the face of our organization. I applaud everyone who provides comment and who provide constructive feedback when they feel so moved.

No seven Directors or seven officers can steer so large a ship through rough waters without a strong crew and many hands on deck. Thanks for lending a hand and a voice, Whether it is ten thousand members donating over a half million dollars in time, money and goods to victims of hurricanes, amazing rescues of horses from California Wildfires by equestrian groups, the donation of thousands of toys to children living in poverty, and volunteers with FEMA and the Red Cross, I cannot fail to be overwhelmed and impressed with the boundless kindness and generosity of the SCA, Please never lose that sense of community and responsibility.

As a performer on many stages I am well aware that every show runs its course, every tale becomes a bit stale, and every song becomes old at some point-no matter how catchy the tune. I thank you for your kind attention to my personal act-well-supported by 91 Kingdom and Principality Seneschals and special deputies during my tenure. I thank you for your time and assistance, for the opportunity to serve, and I thank my sons for sacrificing ''Dad" timeout which is now restored.

With the passing of time, comes the need for change and you will have positive change with my successor Kimberly Harvey, Countess Kenna Harve. You may look far and seek long and not find another soul more dedicated to this organization. I know that our ship will continue through the strain in good order, and under hands more- skilled than mine. My final request of the Kingdoms and the people for whom I have long served is that you take some time to look around you and applaud someone who is doing a good job.

It will not be a burden or take long as excellence surrounds us all.

Warm winds

Vice President of Corporate Operations - Renee Signorotti


It’s time to sadly say good-bye to George Reed and Heather English. I’ve worked with both of these people for many years, and it’s always been a pleasure.

George, you’ve brought an enormous amount of joy to my job & I’ve always appreciated your efforts helping to make things run smoothly for the Corporate Office staff. Enjoy snuggling for endless hours with Jamey. FIJI OR BUST!

Heather, you’ve been an excellent Director and before that a Kingdom Seneschal. Enjoy a nap, hours of needlework, and then call me!

Dori Andrepont, TI Editor & Publications’ Manager, has done a spectacular job handling a huge crisis for the SCA. The printing and mailing house that we’ve done business with for over thirty years suddenly closed their doors, due to the economy. Dori stepped right in to help in locating new printers and mailing houses without batting an eye. This led to a smooth transition without a single delay in mailing, and the usual quality in publication that our members’ enjoy.

Publishable Summary

Membership renewals are returning to a normal pace, after a significant slowdown. Online waiver processing has proven to be a huge success, with significant cost savings becoming apparent. The Corporate Staff fully expects the next few months to be busy.

Tournaments Illuminated - Dori Andrepont (Doria Tecla)


The regular staff to commend for their assistance on issue 170 is R.G.L. MacGregor, Dan Berger, Ellen Rawson, Meg Baron, Evan White, and Karen Harris. For their help with e-mail and website updates, thanks are given to Dave Weiner and Marla Lecin. Appreciation is also given to Patrick Anderson and the legal committee for their efforts in updating the TI Advertising Rate Card and checking on reproduction copyright concerns. Finally, for her help with the printer transition and her advice and quick response to keep TI on track, thanks are given to Renee Signorotti.

Publishable summary

Tournaments Illuminated is now in production of issue 171, third quarter, 2009, with a special focus on the 500th anniversary of the coronation of Henry VIII. Our recent “call for photographers” has generated seven new photographers who would like to contribute to TI.

Compleat Anachronist - Rae L. Hadley (Towen ferch Grufudd Aur)

Requests for Board Action

My tenure as editor of The Compleat Anachronist ends in ten months. I would like to ask that the BoD begin the process of finding my successor, so I have time to train the incoming editor before I step down in January.

By consensus, Chairman Simon ordered that the Editor for Compleat Anachronist consult with the Publications manager to begin the process of finding a successor.

Our current subscription to PleaseReview, the online system that is used to review CA manuscripts, is going to be expiring in May. I would like to request that our subscription be renewed. This tool is invaluable for our review process and makes it both easier and faster for reviewers to provide feedback to authors. I am forwarding the notice of renewing the subscription to the Publication.

By consensus, Chairman Simon ordered that the subscription to PleaseReview be renewed.


I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of John Frasier, author of CA #140, Elspeth Payne, author of CA #141, Kerri Morin, author of CA # 144. Brian Engler, author of the Slings manuscript (CA issue number pending) and Helen Westerlund-Davis, author of A Cookbook for Moderne Humours (CA issue number pending). These people have worked hard and faithfully to complete their manuscripts and I am glad to have the privilege to work with each of them.

I also want to commend the tireless efforts of Joyce Morris, who has agreed to be my “drop dead” deputy under very stressful circumstances. I can not thank my editorial staff enough for how well they have taken up additional responsibilities while I am dealing with health issues. Elaine Koogler in particular has willingly and enthusiastically taken the initiative to provide additional support, recruit reviewers and lead the reviews on two manuscripts this quarter.

Publishable summary

Upcoming issues for April-June 2009:

  • CA#142: St. John’s Day, by Kerri Morin. This issue looks at the St. John’s Day
    Celebrations in Renaissance Florence. First Quarter 2009 Issue

  • CA#143: Skyr and Mysa: Viking Curds and Whey, by Mary Reitz. This issue discussed the history of and Skyr, which is a soft, yogurt-like cheese, and Mysa – the whey that is produced when making Skyr. Second Quarter 2009 Issue.

Treasurer - Mazelle Attiya (Alysia Gabrielle de Fougeres)

Publishable summary

Considering the economy, the SCA is remaining fairly stable and is able to meet its expenses.

Society Exchequer - Mazelle Attiya (Alysia Gabrielle de Fougeres)

Requests for Board Action

  1. The Board approved various changes to the Atenveldt Kingdom Financial Policy. the Estrella War Financial Policy, the Society Financial Policy, and the Atlantia Kingdom Financial Policy:

  2. Please approve the appointment of Pat Fitch (Ailesh nic Rose ni Malone) as Society Chancellor of the Exchequer-Elect.

Motion by Heather English to approve the appointment of Pat Fitch (Ailesh nic Rose ni Malone) as Society Chancellor of the Exchequer-Elect, effective immediately. Seconded by Mitch Steck. In favor: Heather English, Erik Langhans, Aaron Lloyd, Marilee Lloyd, Kim McAuley, Mitchell Steck. Opposed: None. Motion carried.


It doesn’t seem like it’s only been 2 ½ years since I first step up as Society Exchequer. I would like to thank the Board of Directors for giving me the opportunity to hold this office. Of course I’m not going very far. You’re still stuck with me for another couple of years as the Corporate Treasurer. (BWHAHAHAHA)

All kidding aside, I cannot express enough thanks to the dedicated people that have taken the time to be an exchequer, whether at the local level or kingdom. While it seems that it is a thankless job at times, it is a very necessary job to keep the SCA going. Please keep up the good work.

Publishable summary

Fourth quarter stipends have been released to the kingdom chroniclers except Ealdormere and Trimaris. I am waiting on confirmation form the kingdom exchequers that they have received the 4th quarter financial reports from the chronicler. 8 kingdoms have submitted their Consolidated Domesday reports. These are consolidated by the Society Exchequer and then sent to the SCA’s Tax Accountant.

Society Chronicler -Tim White (Otto von Schwyz)


The Society Chronicler commends the outgoing Chronicler of Atenveldt, Lady Desiderata (Katie Harris).

Publishable summary:

The Society Chronicler reports that all Kingdom newsletters are running smoothly.

Laurel Sovereign of Arms - Amy Kennedy-Butler (Olwynn ni Chinneidigh)


As usual, I would like to thank my staff, without Aryanhwy Pelican, Istvan Wreath, Shauna Ragged Staff, and Hervaus Morsulus, I couldn’t do this job. They make things so much easier for me, and keep me reminded of things I would otherwise forget.

Publishable summary

We are currently running two months following the meeting for publication of the Letter of Acceptances and Returns. Although we would like to get them out sooner, it is a process that takes time to establish and the proofreaders got pretty tired when we were putting out two letters a month.

We are currently accepting bids for Known World Heralds and Scribes in 2010, and I am looking forward to seeing what wonders will be offered to us this time. I have heard rumor of some pretty interesting things in the works.

A large amount of old papers have recently come to light from the early days of the Society. Some of these are quite delicate and so are being scanned to preserve them. Among them are meeting notes and early Letters of Acceptance and Returns. We are working on getting all of the old Letters up on the website.

Minister of Arts and Sciences B Tim Jennings (Garraed Galbraith)


Thank you to Mistress Laurellen de Brandevin for doing a great job in An Tir these last couple of years.

Publishable summary

Those that reported did a great job and its been a stellar year in general for A&S. It is disturbing to see so many officers not reporting again. I assume that the time of year or economy somehow affected this. We will correct this for April 1 reporting.

Society Chirurgeon - Marcia Schlemm (Katrei Grunenberg)

I would like to commend the three kingdom Chirurgeons who retired from office this quarter. Each brought a different perspective to discussions and was exemplary in the performance of the office of kingdom Chirurgeon. Minna Virtanen (Myfanwy Methig) in Drachenwald, steady and calm; Erica Palmer (Elizabeth Reed) in the East, composed when presented with conflict; and John Kowal (Aleksandr Vasilevych Lev) in Northshield, structured and steady. It was a pleasure to work with them and I wish them a peaceful “retirement”.

Publishable summary

Things were quiet for the first quarter of 2009 in the chirurgeonate. There is slow growth in numbers. Estrella had good weather and with the good weather, fewer reported injuries. There are a number of changes in staffing at the kingdom level in process. I am looking forward to new ideas.

Chief Technology Officer – Robert G. Ferrell (Cynric of Bedwyn)


Dave Weiner has been of tremendous assistance to me in this transitional period and I would like to thank him formally for his hard work and diligence.

Publishable summary

I am observing creative and constructive use of technology throughout the Society for communications, idea sharing, teaching, community outreach, and problem-solving. In the coming months I will be visiting as many SCA-related Internet sites and services as practical in order to compile a database of available resources/services, as well as generating a set of best practices for implementation.


The Executive Session opened on Friday, April 17 at 9:20 a.m. EST and recessed at 12:00 p.m. EST.

Motion by Heather English to approve the agenda for the Executive Session as presented and to take agenda items out of order as necessary. Seconded by Aaron Lloyd. In favor: Heather English, Eric Langhans, Aaron Lloyd, Marilee Lloyd, Kim McAuley, Mitchell Steck. Opposed: None. Motion carried.

A. Atlantian Peerage Petition Regarding Greg Prevost (Janos)

Motion by Aaron Lloyd to revoke and deny the membership of Greg Prevost (Janos) effective immediately. Second by Marilee Lloyd. In favor: Heather English, Erik Langhans, Aaron Lloyd, Marilee Lloyd, Kim McAuley, Mitchell Steck. Chairman Simon exercised his option to vote and did so in favor of the Motion. Opposed: None. Motion carried

B. Michael Ryan (Declan the Red) Absolute Banishment

Motion by Heather English to uphold the absolute banishment of Michael Ryan (Declan the Red) by Seth and Gwendolyn, King and Queen of Meridies on January 31, 2009 and to direct the Society Seneschal to begin an investigation into the possible revocation and Denial of membership. Seconded by Eric Langhans. In favor: Heather English, Erik Langhans, Aaron Lloyd, Marilee Lloyd, Kim McAuley, Mitchell Steck. Chairman Simon exercised his option to vote and did so in favor of the Motion. Opposed: None. Motion carried.

D. Resignation of Society Webminister

Motion by Aaron Lloyd to accept the resignation of Kevon Houghton (Thomas Edward Dudley) as Society Webminister, effective immediately. Second by Marilee Lloyd. In favor: Heather English, Erik Langhans, Aaron Lloyd, Marilee Lloyd, Kim McAuley, Mitchell Steck. Opposed: None. Motion carried

Motion by Eric Langhans to appoint Jason Lantrip (Kieran Blake) to the position of Interim Society Webminister until a replacement can be selected, effective immediately. Seconded by Heather English. In favor: Heather English, Erik Langhans, Aaron Lloyd, Marilee Lloyd, Kim McAuley, Mitchell Steck. Opposed: None. Motion carried

The Board wishes to thank Mr. Houghton for his good judgment and service to the Society.

E. Ombudsman Assignments

Chairman Hal Simon ordered the following Ombudsman assignments effective as of the end of the April 18, 2009 quarterly Board meeting.

  • Hal Simon - President, Society Seneschal, Corporate Office, Legal Committee, Executive Assistant
  • Erik Langhans - Æthelmearc, East, Middle, Publications, Atlantia
  • Marilee Lloyd - Northshield, West, Grand Council, Ealdormere
  • Aaron Lloyd - Caid, Lochac, Heralds, Information Technology, Marshal
  • Kim McAuley - Financial Officers, Chirurgeon, An Tir, Calontir, Outlands
  • Tom Noble - Atenveldt Artemisia, Arts and Sciences
  • Mitchell Steck - Ansteorra, Meridies, Trimaris, Board Recruiting, Gleann Abhann, Drachenwald


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