Attention: Estrella War Equestrians

Lady Saragrace Knauf, this year’s Estrella War Equestrian Activities Coordinator, is working hard to make Estrella War XXVI a grand experience for all.

Some things “in the works” are:

  1. Having rental horses.
  2. An Equestrian Processional.
  3. Finding approved areas surrounding the site for trial riding.
  4. Providing good hay on site.

The site facilities coordinator wants some preliminary idea of how many stalls will be needed. So if you plan to attend Estrella War XXVI and you want to bring your own horses or rent horses, please send the following information to Lady Saragrace:

SCA and Modern Name, phone number, number of rental horses, number of personal mounts, number of bales of Alfalfa or grass hay.

SEND YOUR ANSWERS TO: With the subject line EWXXVI Equestrian.

Thank you!

Estrella War XXVI Media Office
Dame Katharine of Cate Hall