[WES] Winter's Gate Captaincy

A call resounds through the forests and hills of our beloved homeland unto the bravest and boldest warriors of the north! The time has arrived once again to select a new Captain of Winter's Gate. Many mighty warriors will fall in the quest to select the most worthy, but it is a sacrifice we are willing to accept, and will honor the fallen with much pomp and circumstance.

The Norse festival of Einherjar honors those warriors who have fallen in battle. In celebration, a melee, open to ALL fighters, will be held after the Captaincy tourney, in which all the dead will be escorted from the field by a phalanx of beautiful Valkyries, and honored in proper Viking tradition by a funeral pyre.

The fighter dying the most gloriously will be further honored with offerings of funerary treasures to enhance a stay in Valhalla . (Please bring a SMALL offering of fine food with which to honor the dead.) Once there, the newly-resurrected warriors will be invited to participate in our traditional Flower Tourney.

Site will open at 10:00 a.m.; list will open promptly at 11:15 after a brief opening court at 11:00, and the tourney will start at 12:00 SHARP (there is too much to be done during the day for delay ... please be timely).

In addition to a boxed-lunch auction (further details to be posted later), we will have a class on making an embroidered Viking pouch. Ready-to-use wool for spinning will be available both Saturday and Sunday for those who wish to bring spindles and spin. A few will also be available as loaners. Anyone wanting to learn how to use a nostepinne to handwind centerpull balls of yarn is also welcome.

Contests? There must be contests to show the superiority of all things Norse! (A pox on the Saxons!) First is a contest for a NEW Viking item. Yes, this means something you don't already have laying around. The item is up to you - a comb, a box, musical instrument, weapon, garb ... As always, documentation is a plus! Other competitions include the Baroness' whim: an SCA-period toy (not necessarily Viking, and 'twill be good for practicing, trying out, and getting ideas for Coronet!) and Autocrats' whim: a Viking recipe. Please bring a copy of the recipe to share.

Dinner will be a potluck with meat provided by the Barony. Please bring a dish that will feed 8-10 people. As there are a myriad of allergies amongst the populace, we do strongly ask (nay, the allergic among us insist plaintively for the sake of our growling bellies!) that you provide a card with a full listing of the ingredients of your dish.

Sunday's festivities will include a fighter practice with singles and melees as well as socializing. Any musicians out there are strongly encouraged to bring any and all instruments, period or not, as we attempt to coordinate renditions of a few simple tunes. Please contact Ellisif for music. The Heart of Winter's Gate requests (and the autocratic spawn insist) that there should be dancing Sunday as well.

Please join us at the Moose Creek pavilion of Pioneer Park on the 23rd of May with site opening at 10 a.m. and the fighting, feasting, and spectacles running from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m. Feast to be served around 6 p.m.

Autocrats: Greteke inn Litle and Ellisif a Vettr Dyrr kparrish@mosquitonet.com