[ANT] Lionsdale Champions Tourney

The Shire of Lionsdale invites one and all to witness the making of our new Champions in Armoured Combat, Target Archery, and Combat Archery!

There will also be numerous other activities, such as a rapier tournament, an A&S contest, a roaming bardic challenge, Pied Piper activities, and a munchies potluck at Gate.

Please join us June 12th to 14th, 2009, in Yarrow BC (near Chilliwack). Site opens at 4 pm on Friday, and closes at 4 pm on Sunday.

Merchants are welcome, however, please contact autocrat no later than May 31st to advise of the space that you require. Merchant fee is by donation.

Geira inn hárfagra kimberly underscore m at shaw dot ca

Site fee:
Adults: $15.00 (+$3.00 NMS)
Youth (ages 13 to 18): $10.00
Children (ages 12 and under): no charge
Family cap (Applies to modern related families, maximum two adults): $50.00 plus applicable NMS.
Cheques should be made out to “Shire of Lionsdale”.

A&S Contest
A fun and whimsical contest is to be held. The theme is "What rhymes with June, in any medium", and it is sponsored by Lionsdale's own A&S Champion, Dr. Carus. We know that our Principality and Kingdom are filled with many creative artisans, and we hope to see many entries, be it lagoons, baboons, or spittoons (though the latter is apparently post-period!)

Here are the details:
Two categories:
Novice (Having entered an A&S contest less than three times)

Should there be less than two entrants in either category, categories may be merged at judges' discretion.

Judging format: total of 40 points to be allocated for craftsmanship, documentation, historical authenticity, and creativity.

Craftsmanship = 10 points. Includes functionality, degree of difficulty and of detail.
Authenticity = 10 points. Includes authenticity of materials, of tools, of method, and of purpose.
Documentation = 10 points. One to two pages, or as needed to show the above.
Elegance = 10 points. Includes creativity, originality, fit to theme, and display.

Any questions can be directed to the autocrat at kimberly underscore m at shaw dot ca (or by clicking the link at the top of this page)

Bardic Challenge
***Please note that this is an at-event competition and is NOT the Shire Bardic Championship, which is now held at Winter Tourney.***

Entrants will be asked to prepare two selections, one of which must be period (documentation is encouraged but not required).

The bardic competition will consist of two parts: a scheduled, judged component at which entrants are to perform their period piece, and an accolade component.

The judged component will be on the event schedule. Entrants will perform their period piece in front of an audience which will include several secret judges. Marks will be given for technical skill, the complexity of the piece, audience engagement and performing in persona. This component will be worth 70% of the overall adjudication.

The accolade component will require entrants to approach encampments and groups of gentles throughout the event and offer to entertain them. Bards must have at least one selection aside from their judged period piece to perform for this component, though they may also use this as an opportunity to practice performing their period selection. Each attendee of the event will be given a voting token at gate when they sign in. Over the course of the event most attendees will, hopefully, get the chance to hear at least a couple of bards perform. They can take their token back to gate up until the scheduled cut-off time prior to the judged component to vote for the bard whose performance they most enjoyed. This component will be worth 30% of the overall adjudication. Original work with period themes and/or in period style is strongly encouraged.

Those looking for a bard-friendly encampment should speak to the Bardic Champion, Wulfstan Hrafnson, at the event, as he will be sounding a few people out beforehand. The Bardic Champion's encampment may always be considered bard-friendly, barring timing issues (they have small children). Please feel free to ask.

To enquire further, please email Lord Wulfstan at wulfstan.ravnsson@gmail.com.

Rapier Tournament
**Please note, the actual Shire Rapier Champions Tournament was already held at Winter Tourney**

The tournament will be a round robin, with the top 8 in wins advancing. Next we will have #1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, etc. This round will be a single elimination. Next round will be 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3, again single elimination. The final round will be one fight to determine the winner. All double kills are fatal, except in the final round.

Site Info:
Vedder River Campground
5215 Giesbrecht Rd.
Yarrow, BC V2R 4R1

Directions to Site:
From Hwy #1, take exit 104 (sign reads # 3 Road/ Yarrow/ Cultus Lake) Follow the signs that read Cultus Lake. You will go through the little town called Yarrow. Stay on the main road, when you cross the train tracks it is 5 minutes away. There's a big sign on the left side of the road (Vedder River Campground). Go right to the very end and you will see the Campground