[ATE] Atenveldt-Sundragon Archery Tournament

Come one and all to the Atenveldt-Sundragon Archery [`monthly´] Tournament! hosted this month by Lord Angus Mac Leod.

ALL ARE WELCOME! We have loaner gear available and Marshalls at the ready to assist anyone who wants to explore! Adults and Youth!

This is a garbed event ~ We have some shade but bring your own and chairs if you'd like. We'll have water and food! "Potluck Munchies" are always welcome! The Chagon ... the Chagon .. the Chagon ... we've not heard much noise lately. Could it be that it won't return? We still must ready ourselves to protect our Dear Baronies from this menace. All loyal subjects should be on their guard in case this ... this ... this... whatever it is ... shows up to threaten us again!!

Date & Time:
Sunday, May 17th at ** 8:00 am until around 11am **

El Oso Park, Phoenix
We are on the Northeast side of El Oso Park located at Osborn (south of Indian School) and 73rd Ave. **8:00 A.M.** We´d like to start promptly so you may desire to plan to arrive around 7:45!