Pictures from Jararvellir's May Day and Crown Tournament

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva, Chronicler of the Kingdom of Northshield, shares memories and photos from the recent Crown Tournament and May Day in Jararvellir.

Shava writes:

The last couple of weeks have been very busy. Last Sunday, Jararvellir had their annual May Day Moot which was a lovely day in a local park that included tournaments for Baronial champions, lots of time to work on projects and socialize, a Baronial Court, and a wonderful potluck feast. My view of that day can be found on the Northshield Gallery website.

Yesterday was the 11th Crown Tournament of our fair Kingdom and a finer day of fighting would be hard to find. I'm a bit too tired to report much more on the day other than to say my view of the day can also be found in the Northshield Gallery.

As well as the still photos, I also had the opportunity to continue my video project of recording songs or stories that I find in my SCA travels. At May Day, I was lucky enough to get Maestro John Chandler tell the story of a young man at his first event and Mistress Eliane Halevy told the story of her first camping event and sang her Pennsic Song about Northshield's home at the event. Yesterday, I was able to get THL Svein Tunheim & Mistress Wyndreth Berginsdottir to sing REGIN SMIDUR (excerpts from a traditional Faroese folk ballad) at the end of the day. They can be seen on my channel at youtube. I hope to continue this project whenever possible and encourage the bards of Northshield and the rest of the Knowne World to find a bit of time to allow me to video songs, stories, or whatever else you'd like to record to share.


Usual post-script: As always, for my pictures, feel free to leave comments and help me label the pictures, use any picture for SCA purposes, ask me to delete something if you don't like it via private message, or share with your friends and family.Also, please pass on the link to other lists if you wish. For the pictures that others have taken, please contact them directly for permissions and such.