[ART] Drachetod

Long ago in the Badlands of eastern Artemisia there lived ferocious beasts. Their remains still litter the landscape of our beloved home. It is in honor of them that we come together for a weekend of fighting, feast, and fun.

The site of this event is located in Makoshika State Park. The landscape is ideal for several battle scenarios, both rapier and heavy. While there is plenty of room at the site, there is little shade. Please, plan accordingly. We will also be hiking to the partially unearthed remains of one of the fallen beasts. There will be some classes available (to be announced) and a merchant's row. There will be a feast held Saturday evening as well. The site is discretely damp and campfires are permitted in designated areas.

Pets are welcomed, but you must be responsible and in control of your pet at all times. We are asking if you would bring shot records for your pet.

Date: May 29th - 31st, 2009
Time: Event Gate Opens at 12 noon on Friday
Place for Event: Lower Campgrounds at Makoshika State Park
Place for Feast: Picnik Area at Makoshika State Park

Site Fees
The event gate will open at 12 noon on Friday.
State Park Fees are included in your camping fee.

Adult: $10.00 ~*~ Child 10-17: $5.00 ~*~ Under 10 years of age: FREE
There will be an extra $3.00 charge for all Non-members.

Adult: $7.00 ~*~ Child 10-17: $5.00 ~*~ Under 10 years of age: FREE If you have any deitary needs you can contact Lady Elspeth McBain at woodnwoven@hotmail.com Lady Elspeth has asked for a deadline of May 15th for feast reservations. You may contact her at woodnwoven@hotmail.com or Lady Sophia at Drachenfeld@gmail.com

Merchants are welcome please contact the seneschal at Drachenfeld@gmail.com if you would like to merchant.

Contact Information

If you have any questions at this time, please e-mail Lady Sophia, The Wanderer at Drachenfeld@gmail.com. If you are coming or have any ideas, please let us know. You can also contact me (Lady Enneleyn) at loreann@midrivers.com if you have any questions about the website.