[ACR] Fourth Crusade

The year is 1203. Crusading zeal is at its height, but the Muslims still control the Holy Land. From the Purple Palace in Constantinople reigns Emperor Alexius III, heir to the once-mighty Roman Empire. Eight centuries later, the year is 2009. Come recreate one of the greatest sieges in history. Constantinople may have fallen during the Fourth Crusade, but this time the Byzantines have one thing that they lacked in 1203-Haus Von Drachenklaue!

On 30 May 2009, the grounds of Sands Point will be converted into a complex battleground, featuring stone walls, narrow gates, stone steps, hay-bale fortified areas, wooden towers, a small hillock, and a thicket of trees. No mere meat grinder, this event requires strategy. Commanders will have plenty of toys to play with, but fear not, for there will be plenty of action-five straight hours of fierce fighting.

As Byzantines...

  • Will you hunker down behind the mighty walls of Constantinople or stand firm in the outskirts of the city?
  • Will you send the axe-wielding Varangians into the thick of the battle or assign them to guard the palace?
  • Will you knock out the enemy's siege towers before they reach the walls or hurl the invaders back once they come across the drawbridges?
  • Can you safeguard the Orthodox patriarch and keep the magnificent Hagia Sophia from desecration?
  • Can you protect the royal family and defend the luxurious Purple Palace?
  • Whatever your plans, you are outnumbered, so you must make them pay for every square inch of ground that they take!

As Crusaders...

  • Will you assail the formidable Theodosian Walls or assault the imposing Tower of Galata?
  • Will you conquer one city ward at a time or commence a general assault?
  • Where will you place your siege towers?
  • Can you gain access to the Golden Horn and use Venetian ships as mobile assault platforms?
  • Can you capture the heretical patriarch and end the schism that has divided Christendom?
  • You currently have the element of surprise, but you must secure the city before imperial reinforcements arrive!

Non-fighters are also invited to attend, for it promises to be a spectacle to behold, and non-fighters may be able to take part in the siege as well. The fate of Constantinople will be rewritten in what should be the melee event of the year. A hearty outdoor "campaign feast" shall follow. No dainty delights here-just good, common fare to fill the gut. We promise bodily exhaustion, full stomachs, and plenty of time to recount epic war stories from the day's events.

Remember, the Fourth Crusade is coming to Sands Point in 2009!