Calontir woman "pushes boundaries" with her pottery

Cindy Morley enjoys pushing the boundaries with her pottery, which includes "mugs with scales, double-walled vessels that fold upon themselves to create elegant inverted pyramids." The Fayetteville, Arkansas woman's work will be on display at the University of Arkansas' Center for Continuing Education until June 30, 2009. Becca Bacon Martin of the Morning News has the story.

Morley's work is respected in the Society for Creative Anachronism, where she is known as Christean Jansen. She says her early pottery was all about function.

From the article:

When Morley says she started with function, it's an understatement. I know her because she was honored with the highest arts award possible in the Society for Creative Anachronism, creating pottery as it might have been made and used in the Middle Ages.

"While I still have strong functional roots and feel that functionality and a well-crafted pot are essential, I also want to more intensely explore decoration and see what I can do with it," her artist's statement explains her new direction."