SCAdian Armor to Appear in New Film

Lord Gijchar Gronnulf, Knights Marshal for the Shire of Endless Hills in AEthelmearc and owner of Lonely Mountain Forge, has created armor used in the new film "Ancanar." Lord Gijchar writes:


A while back I forged some armour and a sword for a Tolkien-Inspired movie called Ancanar, which is nearing it's release date. The Ancanar website has recently re-posted their Internet trailer; it has been compressed to half it's old size, so it loads much quicker even on older computers. The stuff that I made is a Mail-Coat, Sculpted Vambraces, Masked-Helmet, and Elven-Sword (worn by a character named Finlome), all of which get shown in the trailer.

My Mail Coat is also shown in the background picture on that page, worn in this case by the title character, Ancanar.



To view the trailer from the film, click on the header above.