How to buy a tent

Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra of the Kingdom of Ansteorra has updated an article written in 2006 on buying a tent. Selecting A Tent For SCA Camping: Tarp-Mender's Tales #3 gives many tips for those who are new to the SCA or who want to change their camping experience.

From the article:

A huge consideration in the selection of a design is how you intend to transport and store it, followed closely by where and when you expect to use it most often. As most of us don't travel with the cargo capacity of a longship at our disposal, the Viking A-frame is not the best of designs for urban apartment dwellers (unless they have some serious storage available elsewhere, plus access to a cargo vehicle large enough to do the cartage...) Similarly, a small, simple marquis is not usually appropriate for a growing household intending to host a hafla anytime soon. OR anyone planning to do more than an occasional camping event in heavy weather.

comment on how to buy a tent

Tents are very useful as they can be used for almost any occasion. From providing shade for a backyard barbeque to creating a shelter for an outdoor party, there are so many uses for these canopies. There are two options for people who are interested in them. There is the option to buy and the option to rent. There are advantages to both. Choosing the option that is best for you requires that you know the benefits and pitfalls of either purchasing or renting one.

Buying is an option for those that like to use them for various occasions.

buying a tent - size restricitons

One more item for consideration is any restriction in size for events such as Pennsic. The event itself has a space restriction per person, but many group camps reduce that even further to allow for common space in camp. If you have a specific group that you camp with or are potentially planning on camping with, it is best to check with them before deciding on a tent size.