[EAL] Crown Tournament

The populace of the Kingdom of Ealdormere are invited to the Crown Tournament hosted by Caer Draeth May 23, 2009.

Support our noble fighters as they vie for the favours of their consorts or other gentles of noble birth and lineage!

Enjoy the revelries or engage in the arts, sciences or martial activities.

Enjoy the marvelous and tasty foods prepared by the canton chefs.

Site Fee Structure
All funds in CDN$ Make Cheques payable to: SCA Canton of Caer Draeth Cheques will not be accepted at the door
Adults(18yrs and older): $10/person (incl $1 KET)
Child 13-17yrs:$8.00/person
Child 6-12yrs:$7.00/person
Child 5yrs and under: Free
NMS of $3/adult will be added where applicable
$25 Family Cap for Site Only
(Family is defined as 1 or 2 parents plus their minor children of the same residence)

Event Staff
Event Steward: HE Aurora Argentius
Reservations Steward: Robyn O'Connor robynoconnor@yahoo.ca