Aedward Steadfast and Yolande Kesteven New Royal Heirs in Lochac

The Barony of Aneala hosted Lochac's November Crown this past weekend. Viscount Sir Aedward Steadfast won the honor of crowning his inspiration, Viscountess Yolande Kesteven. The Barony of Aneala was the site of the Kingdom of Lochac's November Crown Tourney to decide the fourth King and Queen of that sovereign Kingdom. Twelve fighters partook of the double elimination (best of three final) list. Nine of those fighters were from other groups, which is remarkable as the Barony of Aneala's closest neighboring group, the Barony of Innilagrd, is 1700 miles (2800 km) away. The list was extraordinarily evenly matched, and the fighting very close and very clean.

The semi-finals saw Baron Nathan Blacktower losing to Daemon Morrison, and Baron Gwynfor Lwyd losing to Viscount Sir Aedward Steadfast. Sir Aedward, fighting for Viscountess Yolande Kesteven, and Lord Daemon, fighting for Mistress Selivia d'Estoile, met in the final, with Sir Aedward emerging victorious 2-1. Baron Nathan received the Wreath of Valor, Lord Sui Zo recieved the Wreath of Chivalry, and Baron Gwynfor was the recipient of the Knotted Sword.

In Their Majesties' court, Halfdane was elevated to the Order of the Pelican, and the Crus Australis Herald, Lord Giles Leabrook, was created a Baron of the Court of Lochac. The Victory Feast, stewarded (as was the whole event) by Viscountess Mistress Rhianwen ni Dhiarmada, was sumptuous and the food plentiful. The entertainment, including a remarkable rendition of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, was enjoyed by all.

The Barony of Aneala can be justifiably proud of their efforts in hosting a wonderful event. The weather (high 20s celsius, azure skies, and an afternoon sea breeze) was nothing short of magnificent. The folk of that Barony astounded guests with their hospitality, creativity, and work. Their Majesties, Alaric and Nerissa, obviously had a marvellous time, as did all who journeyed to the far west of this great Kingdom to be part of history, and to witness great deeds.

The Crown Prince and Princess will ascend the Thrones of Lochac in the Canton of Krae Glas (South-eastern Melbourne, Victoria) on the first weekend in January at Twelth Night.