Armoured combat covered on French TV

Sir Angus O'Niall, Founder of the Academy of Knightly Arts, reports that French National television recently covered a documentary in which he participated involving "a bunch of steel fighters" who fought tournaments in castles in southern France.

The news cast is in French, and the portion involving the tournaments takes place at approximately 28:45 minutes into the 41 minute broadcast.

From the Academy of Knightly Arts website:

The Academy of Knightly Arts is a collective of individuals in New England who are interested in Medieval Martial Arts, or Western Martial Arts (wma) as they are widely known. We are not only interested in recreating medieval combat from period treatis, modern translations and interpretations, but also applying it in free sparring which we feel is important in order to internalise the art.

Owner and lead instructor Jeremy Oneail strives to make this a group where people from all different hobbies can come and take part. From reenactment groups, recreation groups, WMA groups and LARPs, anyone with a genuine interest to learn is welcome.