Saxon Gold Ornament May Have Link to Bloody Saxon King

Isle of Wight County Press: A gold and jeweled sword belt ornament found recently on the Isle of Wight may have belonged to the Saxon king responsible for using force to convert the island population to Christianity. Darren Trickey used his metal detector recently to unearth an intricate gold sword belt ornament, which may have great historical signifigance for the British island. Researchers believe that the ornament may have come from the belt of King Caedwalla, who used force attempt the conversion of the island's residents to Christianity in the 7th century.

The belt ornament, which has an "octagonal base and is decorated with 16 panels divided into cells," has been declared "treasure" by the island's coroner and may now be purchased from the finder by museums. The ornament was of such fine quality that experts believe is came from someone of very high rank, possibly King Caedwalla himself.

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