[WES] May Revel

The base Earl Tostig Godwinson has sailed for Norway! Rumor has it he has gone to recruit the Viking Harald Hardrada to overthrow his brother, Harold Godwinson, and claim England for his own. Though this is likely a lie spread by northern malcontents, Harold has summoned the fyrd to Yorkshire to confront and re-direct any confused Norwegians.

The ships are expected at 11 AM, May 16th at the promontory called Kinkaid Park, all able bodies are needed to repel the possible invaders!

Assuming the fighting (bridge battles for rapier and heavies, assuming enough fighters show up!) doesn't last until dark, there will also be a contest to determine the most outlandish story of victory and a potluck feast with meat provided.

All possible invasion should have been repelled by 7 PM.

A levy of $8.00 for adults ($4 for children, $3 Non Member Surcharge) will be enforced to ensure adequate provisioning.