California SCA Merchant's Shop Destroyed by Wildfires

"Brass Axe and the Rose", a merchant serving events in the western United States, has closed indefinitely after their home and business were destroyed by the forest fires in California. The Brass Axe and the Rose, a purveyor of metalwork and weaponry, is owned by Lord Thomas and Lady Rose, who live in Calafia (San Diego County, California, USA).

Their home, workshop, and merchant trailer booth have been destroyed by the fires, resulting in an indefinite closure of the business. The two merchants and their son were not seriously injured, but a friend describes them as "heartbroken over their losses."

The family have indicated that they do not need or want any assistance at this time, but rather request that other SCAdians offer them privacy to deal with the events of this week. They do, however, ask that friends and acquaintances offer prayers and blessings.