Mystery and adventure in Darkhold

What do you get when you mix the SCA, Renaissance Faires and Live Action Roleplaying -- and set it at summer camp? You get the Hidden Kingdom, an Arizona resort experience that drops a group of "adventurers" into the medieval town of Darkhold where they "meet monsters, see (and do) magic spells and find buried treasure."

For US$350, participants in the Hidden Kingdom experience can become part of a real-live adventure novel. From the website:

The Hidden Kingdom isn't just a camping trip. When you visit the town of Darkhold, you enter a world beyond your imagination. Gypsies, knights, fair ladies, and peasants are eagerly waiting to tell you their stories, and make you a part of their history. You don't just sit on the sidelines, you are an active part of the tale that unfolds around you. The ending is's up to you!