Beowulf - now with klezmer!

Just when you think you've seen - or read - it all, comes this review by New York Times theater critic B Neil Genzlinger of Beowulf: A Thousand Years of Baggage, a new production by Jason Craig, at the Abrons Arts Center, accompanied by klezmer music.

The play offers a discussion of the poem by "three stuffy academics" which is interrupted by an appearance of the title character. From the review: "And that’s when a thrashing, bashing rendition of the “Beowulf” story beings. Mr. Craig is hilariously revenge-of-the-nerdy as Beowulf, his heroic posturing notably at odds with his paunch and his glasses. And those academics turn out to have darker aspects to their personalities: they become Grendel and the other beasts Beowulf confronts."

Add in jaunty klezmer tunes and you have a play that "ends on a note approaching poignancy."

The play ran through April 18, 2009.