Invitation to the Enchanted Ground

His Grace, Duke Cariadoc of the Bow, offers an invitation to visit the Enchanted Ground at Pennsic, a place which states at its border: "within these boundaries the twentieth century does not exist."

Duke Cariadoc writes:

This Pennsic, as usual, we will have an in persona encampment, an attempt to create a place within whose boundaries one can maintain the illusion of being somewhere, sometime, in period.

Visitors are welcome as long as they are willing to stay in persona while inside our boundary. There will be a bardic circle, weather permitting, any evening I am on site. Pieces performed do not have to be period, although period works are appreciated, but neither the piece nor its introduction should break the illusion--for instance by discussing whether the piece is in period.

If you think you might like to camp with us, let me know by email; we are always looking for new people who think they would enjoy our version of the game. If you want to dip just a toe in the water, come visit. If you have any questions, email me.

Feel free to copy this message to your local email list.