Uppity Women of AEthelmearc

The Rhydderich Hael Scribal Guild is working on a calendar for sale as a fund raiser, featuring the "Uppity Women of AEthelmearc." Cori Ghora, Guild Minister for the Rhydderich Hael Scribes Guild writes:

The Rhydderich Hael Scribal Guild is putting together a calendar for sale as a fund raiser. We are hoping to raise money to bring in high profile, professional calligraphy and illumination teachers for an event yet to be determined (Herald's and Scribe's, Fall 2004?).

The theme of the calendar is (with apologies) Uppity Women of AEthelmearc.

We are looking for nominations for the 12 main art pages. Send in the women whom you think should be honored by inclusion amongst our history-making ladies. Humor is welcome, but keep it clean and remember, the ladies who are nominated will be reading the letters.

Any lady nominated for the main pages has the right to refuse to be included. All of those chosen will be contacted regarding their page.

We are looking for the trail-blazers and the firsts, the women of influence in our Kingdom. Choices will be made by the Rhydderich Hael Guild after the finalists who are nominated have been contacted for permission to use them. The deadline is Herald's and Scribe's in Stormsport, November 29, 2003 (post marked). Calendars should be available for sale at Twelfthnight in Beau Fleuve January 3, 2004.

Nominations should include:

  • SCA and modern name and contact information of the person who is sending it
  • SCA name and if possible modern name and contact info for the lady being nominated.
  • Reasons why this person should be included.
  • Anecdotes illustrating her "Uppity-ness".
  • An emphasis on Aethelmearc history is a bonus.
  • Black and white pictures may be an option to include, at the discretion of the artist.

We are also accepting sponsorships of individual days. If you would like to honor the uppity woman in your life with a day of her own, please submit her name and 3 dates in order by preference. Donations for sponsorship gladly accepted. You can also submit a small piece of art or a quote or short anecdote (think small - the size is not set yet but each day will be between 1.5x1.5 and 2X2.5) Deadline for these is also November 29, 2004. If donating by check, please make it payable to:
"SCA -- Rhydderich Hael".

Lastly, we are also looking for more artists to help make this happen. Keep in mind that we have less than two weeks from the deadline for the nomination til we need to have it in the hands of the printer. We need people who are creative and can work fast under pressure. This is not an art competition; it is a calendar. We are, however, a medieval history-based group and the artwork should reflect that. If you can work at high speed in black and white, we want you.

Please send all nominations, sponsorships and letters of interest in doing artwork to:

Cori Ghora, Rhydderich Hael Scribes Guild Minister at