[LOC] Festival of St. John

Come enjoy the hospitality of the Canton of Cluain. A weekend of much fun, merriment and entertainment of all kinds to delight, amuse and challenge. Set in the green Waikato countryside at the Pirongia Forest Park Lodge.

Friday night sees the weary traveller welcomed into a Tavern setting. With good food, beverage, warmth and carousing. Bawdy singing and games of chance permitted and encouraged!!

The following days for all to enjoy there will be A&S classes, a Market, Archery Contest and Hunt, a Bardic Competition and Grand Feast.

Fighters will contest both the Tourney of the Golden Peacock for single combat and the Tourney of the Relic of the Cross for unit combat.

Also, the time has come for the Pages of our fair Kingdom to display their skill at arms and take the field in Baroness Bea’s Boffer Tourney!!

But BEWARE good Gentle! There is some disquiet within our Kingdom and rumours suggest that certain factions are hatching schemes even as I write to you. We must all be extra vigilant lest we succumb to their evil plots. Let us place our trust in God and pray that the good constable Lord Geoffrey da Wulf will find these scoundrels and mete out punishment upon them!