[LOC] New Year Celebration and Rapier Championship

New Year Celebration and Rapier Championship Politarchopolis - Saturday 9 May 2009 - Corroboree Park, Ainslie, ACT

Their Excellencies Alessandro and Isobel of Politarchopolis invite one and all to join them welcoming in the new year with the Baronial Rapier Championship and a superb Feast.

3pm: Rapier Inspections
3.30pm: Rapier Tourney
6pm: Feast
11pm: Feast closes

Members: $20
Non-members: $22
If not booked by 3rd of May: $3 extra
Children 6 to 15: Half price

Bookings: Crispin Sexi, crispin@homemail.com.au.

Baronial Booking Policy: if you book, forget to cancel and then don't show up, we may still ask you to pay to cover our costs. If you don't book, it's possible you may not be fed or even allowed in. Regardless of stated policy, the stewards may decide to be nice. Just ask!