Atenveldt Royal Regalia Stolen

Their Majesties of Atenveldt have reported that regalia was stolent recently from Their vehicle. Their Majesties Erick and Nichelle of the Kingdom of Atenveldt report that regalia was stolen from Their vehicle and ask the populace of the SCA to be on the lookout for the stolen items.

The missing regalia include:

  • King's crown
  • Signet ring
  • Sword of State
  • Kingdom scroll case
  • Blue velvet banners

The authorities have been notified and pawn shops throughout the area have been contacted. Some of the items may show up on online auctions. If anyone sees suspicious items for sale, please contact Their Majesties at

In an open letter to the populace, Their Majesties wrote:

Unto the populace who read these letters ~

It is with great sadness that we tell you our vehicle was broken into and, in addition to our personal belongings, several items of regalia were stolen including:

His Majesty's Crown and Signet Ring, King's Blood, the Kingdom Scroll Case, and the very beautiful blue velvet banners.

We are heartbroken and, of course, frantically contacting pawn shops across the valley (after extensive descriptions with the police and an immediate claim to our homeowners insurance). We wish it known that in NO WAY do we believe this was done by an SCA person, and let us all pray that these items show up on eBay or in a pawn shop so that they may be retrieved. We thank those of you who have been so patient and supportive as we have been advising people along the way of the incident.

So much for this being the easy week -- but it's better than a million other things that could have happened.

Erick and Nichelle

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